Nanoflex Review

A Miracle for My Pain – Nanoflex from Grand Meadows – One Year Later

So, It has been over a year since I was introduced to NANOFLEX from Grand Meadows   If you missed our original post about this product, it is a topical joint product that soaks in through the skin to add lubrication to the joint and allow healthy function.  It’s non invasive.  It is Drug free and FEI/USEF safe.  It sounds like a fantasy right?  Well…for me it kinda has been.  I will say that I had no intention of writing another article on this product, having already reviewed it…but recently something pretty spectacular has come to my attention.

I’ll start off by saying I’m going to talk about using this on myself…not my horse…because I honestly don’t use it on Jax.  Why?  I’m not there enough to be consistent about it for it to make a difference.   This is going to be solely about me.

A long time ago…lets say…closing in on maybe 20 years…I injured my left wrist playing vollyball.  A few years later I injure it again when a horse reared and I didn’t let go soon enough and he took me up in the air (then he proceeded to bolt).   This wrist has been in pain for a LONG time.  It’s always swollen and lumpy.   There have been long swaths of time I’ve had to wear a brace on it…or tape it…or wear therapy sleeves (like Back on Track).  There have been long periods of time I cannot pick up a pan with that hand that I’m cooking with on the stove.  There have been times it was so bad simply picking up a full coffee mug with that hand was a challenge.  Pushups (or any workout where I have to put weight on my wrists) were a fantasy for a long time unless they were taped up.

Back on Track Wrist Brace Review
My wrist was in pain for years and these were a huge part of my life just keeping comfortable.

I had surgery a while back  (like maybe 8 years ago) because they didn’t know what the heck was wrong with it other than tendonitis that never seemed to heal/go away.  What they found was some bone damage and a bone hook that was cutting into my tendon on a regular basis.  No wonder.  Years after the surgery however…while improved a bit…it never went away.  There was always pain.  It was always swelling.  There was still regular tendon issues going on.  My doctor said he could do nothing but inject me.  The injections worked short term, but then it’d come back.  I gave up on being pain free.

NANOFLEX entered my life almost a year and a half ago.  I used it religiously for several months.  It caused the swelling to go away.  It caused the pain to go away.  I tapered down.  I started using it every day instead of twice a day.  Then I started using it a few times a week.  Then I would forget, go back…and start again.  I’m not sure how long I was at this routine…but about a month ago I realized it had been MONTHS since I had used the NANOFLEX.  Why did I realize it…I got a slight ache in my wrist after a workout.  I immediately jumped back on the product for a few days and bam…gone again.

This bottle lasted a whole year!

The miracle here is…I had a tendon issue for almost 20 years.  I had pain for almost 20 years.  I had tendonitis for almost 20 years!  And this last 6 months or so…it’s GONE.  No swelling.  No pain.  It’s still a little lumpy from old damage, but it’s a perfectly usable joint.  It feels no different than my other wrist.  I can pick up anything with it.  I can do push ups and planks and various other moves putting a lot of pressure on it.   Do you see how miraculous that is?  For someone with almost 20 years of pain…to have something go away simply from using a topical…wow!

The science behind this product has it aimed at joint lubrication, but Nick’s initial discussion with me indicated that although not indicated for such, in theory it would also improve tendon lubrication as well.   I’m going to go with…yes…it does.  There’s literally no other explanation for how this recurrent tendonitis healed up after years of nothing else working.  Nothing much has changed about me except I’m older.  I still eat the same.  I still work out the same.  I still take the same supplements and whatnot.  This product has changed my life in a serious way and I cannot be more thankful for it.

Nanoflex Review
After Nanoflex

I will note that you HAVE to keep at it with applying it.  If you don’t do it daily for a few months at a time…(and follow directions and don’t rub it in/smush the particles and don’t wash it off)…it’s not going to do a thing for you.  There’s a lot of room for error on it for sure…and it’s not going to work if you don’t apply exactly as intended…but after a while you’ll be able to taper off your use…and the results will stick around.  I’m beyond happy with it and will keep buying it until the day I’m in the ground.  If you can’t use it religiously on your horse…don’t bother.  Again, it won’t work if you can’t apply it on a very regular basis at least for a loading period of a few months.  It has to have some time to do its thing.   For humans, the price of the bottle is completely reasonable as it takes a long time to get through one with our smaller joints.  Horses…about a bottle a month should do it if you’re just treating one joint (like hocks).  If it means you don’t have to inject a joint again…in the long term it’s going to be cheaper.

Anyways…I love this product. It’s changed my life.  If you’re looking for something to help you, give it a try and see if it can change yours.

There’s a coupon you can use for 10% off your order and flat rate shipping on all Grand Meadows products. NANOFLEX isn’t typically included for any discounts, but my code might work, so worth a try.  Their supplements are amazing too.  Jax is on the Grand Premium Plus and he’s never looked or performed better. Use code: RMASE