The DE Horses



2011 American Warmblood (Hanovarian/TB) Gelding

Jax is a cool dude.  He’s a HUGE horse with a bit of a bull headed personality (VERY Smart and confident), so ground manners can be an issue.   He is sweet at heart however and loves attention and grooming.  He’s clever, reasonable and fabulous under saddle.   In our short time together, he’s gone from a dodgy  (aka non existent) trot / canter transition to ready to show 3rd level (and winning high points)!


2017 Thoroughbred Mare

Our little Equestrian has been riding and loving this mare (JC The Perfect Quarantini) for almost a year, and we recently got the privilege of purchasing her! She is a 5 year old OTTB mare out of New York, a beloved lesson horse, and the heart horse of our little Equestrian. She excels at Hunter work, and will jump anything you put in front of her. We look forward to the future with this mare and the little Equestrian!


2004 AQHA Gelding

Toby is a stoic, mostly bombproof, laid back type of guy who is the horse equivalent of grumpy cat. He has recently been diagnosed with Navicular Disease, so he is stepping down as the “show horse” of the ranch and is now semi retired as a solid trail and western pleasure horse for Kristin!


1999 Thoroughbred x Morgan Gelding

Sam has been with Kristin for over 13 years.  Sam has been there and done it all from showing off at hunter/jumper shows to trecking mountain trails.  He is Kristin’s go-to guy for everything!



2005 Oldenburg x Morgan Gelding

Champ is a goofy, adorable love bug of a horse.  He’s young at heart (though not so young in age anymore).  After an injury cut his show career short, he’s enjoying being a trail horse/lesson horse at a kids barn and he’s loving it!



1996 Thoroughbred Gelding

Spice was a one of a kind schoolmaster with more spunk than most horses half his age.  Spice showed to PSG (and reached it twice with two different riders) and trained to I1.  Spice taught Rachel all she knows about dressage and helped her earn her USDF Bronze Medal (and got darn close to her Sliver).   He was the 2018 4th Level Dressage Jockey Club TIP Champion in his last year showing.  He passed in 2019.

Titan OTTB Road To Gold


1996 Thoroughbred Gelding

Titan was a noble, generous and truly kind OTTB.  He was Rachel’s main tester of products for several years.  Many reviews have been based on experiences with him even though he’s now been gone for years.  He was a racehorse, an eventer, a barrel racer, a trail horse, a lesson horse and a barn favorite.  He passed in 2014.