Art & Design

I’ve been an artist since I was a child…and naturally that art has revolved around horses.  Namely drawing my Breyer horse models over and over again.  After studying art in college (BA in Studio Art) I moved further into academia thinking that it is where I belonged (and moved further away from the horse girl in me).  An MA in the Humanities with a focus on Art History and Visual Culture from University of Chicago followed (no horses in sight).  I stepped away from creating art out of school and into working with artists and spent many years as an art consultant for a firm with many large corporate clients. After a few years I left the art world after hating how artists were treated by my clients and moved into OTTB rescue.  Art stayed a hobby.

After a lot of thought provoking moments in the last few years…having a child, COVID, the continued disaster that is the TB racing industry I decided to move back into art.  My focus is of course…where it always should have been…horses.  My designs are primarily watercolor with the occasional other media thrown in.

I have designed for C4Belts, Marengo Equestrian and MyMareCo.  My photography has been featured in Off Track Thoroughbred Magazine and Young Rider Magazine. Official Press Photographer for WEG Tryon 2018 & Retired Racehorse Project 2016-2018

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