Soho Equestrian Breeches Review

Soho Equestrian Breeches Review
Style / Design
Ease of Care / Holds Up Washing
Performance in the Saddle

It honestly feels like there is a new equestrian brand non stop these days right?!  And here’s another one!  Oh my!  And all of them are using these new technical fabrics that are awesome…and making me want to get rid of all of my old breeches because those are obviously not as comfortable…  So how do you sort through all those new brands?  Well…you can order them and try them yourself (and go broke).  Or you can read reviews from people like me that put their bums and pocketbooks on the line trying so many different new things.  Good thing for you, you’ve ended up here so you’ve selected the smart option!  Thankfully there is no discomfort (for bum or bank account) on these beauties I’m going to review today – Soho Equestrian Breeches!

I heard about Soho Equestrian from my friend Tara (who runs The Simple Equine).  I became friends with Tara after I reviewed many of her products…and I’ve come to respect her opinion (and products) so much that if she suggests something to me, I’m going to look at it.  I was thrilled when Soho wanted to send some items for me to try out and review.

The perfect fit! Thanks to my friend Julie McCarthy of Healthy Horse Massage and Grooming for this fab photo!

I am wearing a Large in these breeches (they carry XS – XL).  These have nice 4 way stretch so they’re going to fit you even if you gain a few pounds or lose a few pounds.  Don’t get me wrong, I pulled them out of the package and was terrified they’d never go on…but they did.  And they fit great.  The fabric is nice and compressive and have become my favorite breech fabric!  They’re almost the same as the Nikovian, but a hair softer against the skin I think actually.   They hold you in nicely and support your muscles and proper posture.  They don’t get stretched out and worn out through the day.

The attachment and zip aren’t joking! Sturdy and supportive. No bulging, slipping, or unhooking here!

The styling of them is gorgeous.  The blue is a dusty navy and the red embroidery is very attractive.  The front pockets are real, but the back ones are faux (but well done).  The hardware is attractive as well, flashy but not too flashy.  The quality of the fabrics, hardware, and stitching are excellent.  Especially for the price point…it’s surprising really.  I’d expect them to be closer to or over $200 for comparable quality!  They’re a steal at $130.

Fab fit from the back! Thanks to my friend Julie McCarthy of Healthy Horse Massage and Grooming for this great photo!

Where these babies really shine though is in the fit.  These fit like they were custom tailored for me.  The waistband is high, but not too high.  They hit me in just the right place with a small enough waist…with the hip having enough stretch to accommodate my curvy figure.  There is no gaping in the zipper due to the correct placement of the hook attachments.  They nip in my waist perfectly and I feel a bit like Marilyn Monroe decided to take up riding.  They feel great out of the saddle…they don’t shift around…they don’t fall/slide down.  They feel great in the saddle…they don’t twist…move around…shift…chafe.  Nothing.  They feel like a second skin.  I don’t notice them when I’m riding…and when I consciously think about them…all I feel is support and comfort.  It doesn’t hurt that they also look fabulous on as well!

Zipper and waist area totally flat…and flattering!

On comfort, I’ve not had them through any insane weather yet, but I’ve worn them as chilly as in the 40s …up to the 70s…and had no problems being too hot or two cold.  I’ll have to update after those 90+ temps show up.  I don’t feel overly sweaty in them.  No chafing.  No discomfort at all.  For riding comfort (or errands…or working at the barn) they’re excellent.   The seat is sticky, but not overly sticky.  The pattern is subtle enough too, which is great.

Faux pockets are sewn well (and lay well) with pretty Soho hardware!

If they get dusty, they wipe clean in a pinch.  They’re also easy to wash and care for…the same as all of my other nice breeches.  I wash cold water in the washer, inside out.  Line Dry.  They dry very quickly, especially for as heavy duty as the fabric can feel in the hand.   They have washed up like new and I’ve worn them 4 or 5 times in the last month.

The only thing that keeps these from being pure perfection are that the pockets really don’t work for my phone (I tried).  My phone fell out each time I tried to put it in there after a few minutes of moving around…and having it in that pocket while riding would certainly not work…but I guess I have a big phone.  These would be the literal perfect breech if they had a phone pocket on the thigh.

Selfie photo of the fit. See! Not just good because of a good photographer…Great fit!

Oh…and that there’s no more colors!  Always want more colors!  I would buy more if there were more colors to buy, certainly. I saw on IG that they have a new white show breech coming soon…and I’m hoping they’re the exact same!   If so I might have to go back to wearing white breeches for shows again I like these breeches that much.

If you’re looking for a modern, compressive breech that is going to make you look fabulous and be super comfortable in the saddle, give these babies a try.  Oh…and for the price they absolutely cannot be beat over the dozens of other brands I’ve worn over the years.  The quality and value is just fantastic.

They also have riding tights and base layer shirts if you’re so inclined…which I will be reviewing another time!

One more look at the pretty details!