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The Simple Equine’s goal is to help horses and riders look good and feel great.  They offer an effective, natural and handmade grooming collection for equines, and a wonderful line of natural and handmade skincare products specifically formulated for riders.

They have also curated a wonderful collection of equestrian-themed precious metal jewelry.

I’ve been a big fan for years and many of her products are in my regular use rotation.  Highly recommend.

Nikovian represents a commitment to constant improvement in everything we do. We created a brand for riders, by riders. We created gear that is built to perform at the highest levels. Our design reflects a collaboration with a team of the most obsessed and passionate riders in the world. We focused on the design, materials, and testing of our products. Ultimately, our goal is simple: to create gear worthy of the world’s top riders.

Nikovian has become a huge favorite since I was introduced to them.  Even more impressive than their top quality products…is their desire to be the best and keep improving.  They take serious rider feedback and reviews and make adjustments to their products to make them the very best.  Highly recommend them!

Grand Meadows was founded in 1989 with one guiding principal – to give horse owners an affordable and extremely high-quality science-backed horse supplement product.  Every single Grand Meadows horse supplement is based on science, proven research, and ethical formulations that help horses grow, recover, thrive, develop, and feel their best.

I LOVE the NanoFlex products (Jax uses the Postbiotic and Premium Plus)!  Use code RMASE for 10% off your order and flat rate shipping.

Developed by international athlete and skin cancer prevention activist Charlotte Jorst, Kastel is dedicated to crafting stylish, contemporary and skin-safe activewear. UPF 30 and 50 sun protection meets modern prints, saturated hues and athletic, fashion-forward silhouettes for athletes and the everyday woman alike.

We search the globe for inspiration, focusing on both the fashion capitals and hidden getaways. Our highest priority is to deliver a product that is both beautiful and safe for all you athletic endeavors.

When you shop Kastel you are supporting the work of a female-operated company that has worked tirelessly to provide you with the best style, fit, comfort and protection possible.

Use code Rachel10 for 10% off your order with Kastel Denmark.

In 2019 myMareCo came to life when Janice faced difficulties in finding a perfect “under helmet” headband that was both moisture-wicking and not bulky. She decided to create her own, and thus emerged her company. Her creativity and passion for horse riding led to the development of other practical and fun accessories such as the Quick-Dry Cap, V-Neck gaiter, and a 100% Silk Chiffon Scarf.

I’ve been obsessed with them since I first tried them and won’t ride without her headbands now (even at shows!).

“My hope is to be able to help riders of any level or ability improve their body awareness, balance and strength. I want to help them be the best team they possibly could be with their horse and to achieve their goals both on and off their beloved companions!”

I absolutely love Stephanie’s Pilate’s program!  It has helped me so much in and out of the saddle.

The Home Horse is a game-changing device that revolutionizes the way we can exercise.

A Fitness tool that combines patterned co-contractions of core muscles, pelvic floor, abdominals and obliques, with balancing and stretching, especially the hip abductors that directly translate to enhanced balance and core strength as well as posture.  The Home Horse is a fun and challenging new way to effectively simulate some of the neuromuscular benefits of equine movement and achieve greater flexibility, core strength and balance.

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Happy to be a guest blogger for StreamHorseTV!