Decidedly Equestrian was founded in 2014 and is currently featuring several riders from different parts of the United States including California, Ohio and Texas. One of our biggest missions is to be THE source for honest reviews** of equestrian products from large and small companies in the United States. We write about the important stuff: how an item works in the short term and over time, how long something lasts or holds up after months of serious use, if the quality of the product warrants it’s price, and how the products stand up to their competition.

We share regular lifestyle articles to our readers including DIY projects, news in the horse community, artist and company profiles, trainer tips, barn organization and management and much more!

**We do NOT accept compensation for reviews, but we must have actually used a product to review it! Why do we not accept compensation? Because we feel it might lead our fans to believe our reviews are biased, and we want them to always feel confident that they can depend on our honesty when making purchases based on our reviews!



Rachel Masen


Rachel Masen, founder of Decidedly Equestrian, is a former art consultant and has been involved with OTTB re-homing for a decade. She holds a BA in Studio Art and Marketing from the University of Arkansas and a MA in Art History and Visual Culture from the University of Chicago. In her day job(s) she re-homes Thoroughbreds at Golden Gate Fields, is a web developer/designer and is also a professional equine photographer. She is also writing a book! She enjoys a variety of riding disciplines but is currently focusing on training a horse up the levels of Dressage. She is a USDF Bronze medalist and was the TIP 4th Level Champion in 2018 with Spice It Up.

Kristin Phillips


Kristin Phillips has been riding horses for almost 14 years – dabbling in almost every discipline along the way. But at this stage she is enjoying the slow and steady pace of western pleasure and trail work. Kristin and her husband own a farm in Central Ohio where they have made a home for their two horses, 4 dogs and beautiful young daughter. Kristin has been writing for several years with We3Equines and has recently moved to the Decidedly Equestrian team.

Jo Belasco


Jo has been involved with horses for more than 45 years and is an equine attorney, equine business consultant, horse professional, and nonprofit horse program director. Her legal experience includes work as a staff attorney for the Boston Police Department, a legal writer and editor for Quinlan Publishing and Lexis-Nexis, and now her solo, web-based law firm, Windhorse Legal, PLLC. As a horse professional, she has conducted clinics and produced a DVD for fearful riders, taught lessons to all ages, managed barns, gentled Mustangs, and created and directed the Horse-Human Relationship Program at her nonprofit, Tapestry Industry. Jo currently lives in Northwestern Nebraska. She has 5 Mustangs and is a passionate advocate for the breed.