Marengo Subscription Box Review March 2023

Marengo Subscription Box Review March 2023

Marengo Subscription Box Review March 2023
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Marengo?  What’s this you say?  Well welcome back to the former owner of Cavali Club with her new, quite different, subscription box.  This is the very first box and I’m super excited to throw her my money and be an early adopter!  I mean…I was literally on there subscribing within minutes of the box being launched.  Too excited maybe? Nah.  I don’t think so.

Moving on.  What makes this box different?  It’s a little more expensive than the old school Cavali Club (though their prices have gone up lately).  However the biggest different is that you have a choice…and the items are epic!  This is not a box where everyone gets exactly the same box which is amazing.  After subscribing, you can go in and make selections on what you want to see in your box.  On top of that, you can add on products as well for a discounted price if you see anything you must have!

Marengo Subscription Box Review March 2023
Too cold to wear right now…but looking forward to pulling this baby out once the temps go up!

The brands featured this month aren’t going to be brand new to any of you that have gotten Cavali Club in the past.  Some of the best of the best are here: Dapplebay, Jennifer Cervelli, Bettina Norton, Dreamers&Schemers/ManeJane, Jennifer Raichman and the only one I hadn’t heard of before was Zero Proof Horse Treats (which…honestly I want to eat them from the description of them).

Choices this month broke down like this (I’m bolding the choices I made)

– Dapplebay (Lady Riding Top, Good Rides Only Sweatshirt, Equestrian Sweatshirt)
– Jennifer Cervelli (stirrup necklace, silver horseshoe earrings, copper horseshoe earrings)
– Bettina Norton (Tote, Simplicity Mug, For the Love of Horses Mug, Simplicity Wine Tumbler,  Angel Horses wine tumbler)
– Dreamers & Schemers (a few different versons of socks, a few different versions of spur straps – I picked the Blue Ribbon Spur Straps)
There were a few other items in the box that weren’t choice items that everyone received.


Marengo Subscription Box Review March 2023
Maybe it says something about me that I picked the blue ribbon spur straps…but I don’t care. LOL.

My Box:

– Dapplebay Lady Riding Top short sleeve – ‎$68.00
– Jennifer Cervelli Stirrup Necklace – $50
– Bettina Norton Mug – $39.00
– ManeJane Spur Straps – $29.95
– Jennifer Raichman Pencils – $15
– Zero Proof Horse Treats – $12.95
– Ponytail 1st Place Foam and Frolic Shampoo Sponge* – originally $21

Total Value of Products in Box: $235.90 ($214.90 if you take out the Ponytail sponge which may not have been in everyone’s box).
Price Paid: $79.00

*I do want to point out that I feel like the Ponytail sponge was maybe a thrown in gift.  That company has been out of business for a long time from what I can tell and I know Cavali Club was trying to get rid of stock of them for a long time. I have gotten one of these before and I loved it so I’m happy to get one again but you can’t really buy these anymore. CONFIRMED!  These were a gift for the first few people that bought boxes. <3

Marengo Subscription Box Review March 2023
The yummiest smelling treats I’ve ever smelled!

Moving back to the box.  First I want to point out that there’s no claim of promised value on this box…which is unusual for a subscription box I think…which I actually appreciate.  There’s no claim of any prices of products in the curation insert.  It’s simply good stuff.  Because of the lack of prices and the quality of items in this box, it feels MUCH more high end that other subscription boxes I’ve gotten in the past.  It’s not trying to convince me that it’s good and worth my money…it just IS.  The value is beyond excellent.

Marengo Subscription Box Review March 2023
The nerd in me loves these…the horse girl in me loves these…the practical girl in me loves these!

Onto the curation!  This box is interesting because you play a big role in the box curation by your choices.  Obviously there’s still a limit placed on this by the selection of items…and I want to point out that each of the curated items is for the rider…not the horse.  I solidly appreciate that there’s only one item in here for the horse (I guess the sponge is too…but I honestly used the last one on myself and I’ll use this one too).  Honestly they get enough stuff anyways, right?  This box feels like a special luxury present for myself.  Carly, as always did a great job finding excellent brands and products to put in this box and it just makes me more excited for the future!

Marengo Subscription Box Review March 2023
This is so much more petite than I expected…and I actually like it more because of it’s daintiness! I was expecting larger, but because of how small it is it feels unique and special.

The quality of everything in the box is excellent with one exception.  The mug from Bettina Norton which I ended up with a damaged one (the printing either wasn’t right or it was damaged), but in true Carly fashion…she immediately (I mean immediately – I got the shipping notice in minutes) sent me another one.   Sometimes damages happen…I get it.  I’m sure the new one will be perfect.  The best thing about something damaged in my box, I get to experience Carly’s kindness and prompt customer service.

My damaged mug. Thankfully another is coming!

As for usefulness of items…well since I got to pick what I wanted this box is tailor made to what I would want to buy!    Everything is MINE! Whahahaha!  Honestly after smelling the horse treats…they were almost mine too until I realized there was alfalfa in them…and I’m allergic.  Jax highly enjoyed them today.  Point is…I love everything!

Marengo Subscription Box Review March 2023
I received this in CC in like 2020? perhaps…but I am thrilled to get another one. Smells so good.

You can still order this box (though some of the options are sold out and gone), so head over to Marengo and see if you can create a box you will love with what’s left!  So far I’m thrilled with this new subscription box and looking forward to the next one with much excitement!

Marengo Subscription Box Review March 2023
Jax is a fan!