Interest Candles Holiday 2022 Collection Review

Interest Candles Holiday 2022 Collection Review
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You may or may not have seen my review of Interest Candles previously, but I’m sure you’ve noticed them in my Holiday Guides and IG feed over the last year or so.  If there’s a product shot…there is likely one of these candles hanging out in the background somewhere.  Lol.  I have…at least 7 candles from Interest Candles currently and have given quite a few as gifts as well.

So the items I’m reviewing today are a quick one…because there’s a limited time offer on these.  They are for Holiday 2022…and I’m sure she’ll have something for 2023…but these aren’t guaranteed!  If you’re interested go buy now!

Also to note before I get into the review Interest Candles is in process of rebranding to Stable & Fields and opening a new shop (so you can follow her new IG here).

So today I’m going to review two items, the Holiday Bath Salts and the 6oz Neighs and Sleighs Candle Tin.

First I want to start out by saying…Christmas type scents are not typically my favorite.  I’m not a fan of “Christmas Tree” type smells at all and when I see Christmas candles…I typically run the other way (I’m more of a fall “spice” type candle girl…or something that smells like tobacco or bourbon…yeah a little manly I know…but that’s what I like).  I am all for peppermint, especially in a bath, so I was happy to try the bath salts.

I was pleasantly surprised by the candle scent.  This is not your standard Christmas smell at all (thank you Interest Candles!).  The description of the scent on Etsy is “cranberry, holly berry and classic holiday spices.”  It is very fruit forward in a good way, and the notes that make it “holiday” are subtle…which I appreciate! I quite like it!  It turns out to be one of my favorite scents from her so far.  When burned, the “holiday” bit of the scent comes through much more.  The scent is lovely.   The packaging is nice (though the glass containers are generally my preference from her).  The burn is good and fills the room with scent.  The label design as always is wonderful and I’ll be happy to reuse this tin for holiday peppermints at the barn once the candle is burned out.  I am sorely tempted to buy one of the larger candles, but with a 3 year old child in the house burning candles is for specific times and there’s not a lot of them these days.  I’m considering getting one of those candle lamp things…we shall see. Anyways…back on track.

The bath salts are wonderful.  Who doesn’t love a relaxing bath?  Unfortunately for me at this time in my life, all baths are taken with said 3 year old…so they’re not as relaxing as they could be, but oh well!  She and I both loved the refreshing peppermint smell and our skin felt soothed and happy getting out of the tub.  It’s a nice product and for the price I will get several baths out of it (so it is the same price category if not a bit cheaper than using say…Lush).  The packaging is plastic, which feel less lux than the candles…but the label is high quality and doesn’t get ruined if it gets wet.  I would personally love this if it came in a glass jar or with a metal lid for a couple dollars more…but I just prefer natural materials in general for reuse purposes and earth friendliness.  On the other hand, I understand for safety in the bathroom plastic does make more sense.

As before, I’m thrilled with my two new products from Interest Candles and I’m looking forward to seeing where Stable & Fields goes and trying all of those new products out!  Trying very hard to not go fill my cart and make an order right now!

Also available in the holiday collection:

Neighs & Sleighs 9 oz Glass Jar
Neighs & Sleighs 11 oz Glass Tumbler
Neighs & Sleighs Room Spray (Christmas Tree Scent)
Neighs & Sleighs 6 oz Tin and Ornament