Tipperary Windsor MIPS Helmet Review
9.5Overall Score
Durability (so far)10

So last year about this time I was in desperate need of a helmet.  Mine was broken.  No…no fall.  Just the harness on the cheap Ovation I had been using broke…after like…6 months.  Great.  I wanted a MIPS.  The Trauma Void ones didn’t fit.  The OneK’s didn’t fit well either.  So when I saw the Tipperary Windsor I was thrilled.  A PRETTY MIPS helmet?  Awesome!  One with a dial fit (I’m a weirdo that prefers those).  I was sold.  Unfortunately it took…4 months to get this helmet…but when I got it it quickly became my favorite bit of riding attire.

Tipperary Windsor MIPS Helmet Review

So pretty right?

First I will say is that the helmet is beautiful.  The matte black and rose gold is right up my alley.  It’s beautiful enough for schooling, but beautiful enough to show in.  I love that I can show and school in the same helmet.  It’s the best of both worlds.  I love the wide brim option that’s usually only available in much more expensive helmets.   I also love the mock croc/chrome one…and considered buying it too just to mix it up.  Very pretty, high end styling.

Tipperary Windsor MIPS Helmet Review

I admit, the harness is cheap looking…but it fits me…so there’s that!

The harness is the only thing on it that is lacking a little bit.  It’s a little…cheap looking and feeling.  The chin pad cover thing could have been leather or faux leather and made it nicer.  The harness could have been designed a little nicer…but it’s nit picky.   Unlike some other brands with fancy harnesses…I can fit my hair in a bun under it easier…and it actually fits my head better.

Tipperary Windsor MIPS Helmet Review

My favorite fit option, the dial-fit system. And this one doesn’t look cheap.

I have a non symmetrical, funny shaped head…so the dial fit is perfect because you don’t have to have a perfectly round or perfectly oval head.  No gaps, no pressure spots.  Sure it’s not as “pretty” I suppose as some others, but I personally don’t mind the look of the dial fit at all.  The fit on this one is spot on perfect for me.  I will say initially I ordered a Medium based on the size chart, but if you’re on the high end of the measurement for a size, size up.  I found the medium too snug.

Tipperary Windsor MIPS Helmet Review

Pretty venting

The best thing about this helmet…is that I never really notice I have it on.  It’s very comfortable.  It doesn’t give me headaches.  It doesn’t ever feel too loose or too tight.  The harness stays in place.  It’s very lightweight, like my old preferred Ovation Schooler.  It has plenty of breath-ability in hot weather and I never feel overheated.  It’s simply very comfortable.

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So far the quality and durability (minus the harness) is excellent.  The helmet still looks brand new and the liner is in great shape after almost 9 month of use.  The matte finish is still beautiful.  The rose gold is still perfect.  I imagine that the helmet is going to need to be replaced because of time before it starts to look shabby.  The liner is super easy to remove and clean.  I did remove the yellow MIPS button because I think it’s ugly.  I appreciate that it was a sticker on top of a metal disk…so when removed it’s completely unnoticeable.

Tipperary Windsor MIPS Helmet Review

Easy to remove and clean liner.

The price is reasonable too for a MIPS helmet…and for it’s beautiful styling.  To get a comparable helmet in another brand…you’re going to pay at minimum the same price…and that’s for less pretty styling.   For prettier styling you’re going to pay a lot more… I also think that the hunter/jumper styled version is also very nice (the Devon).

Tipperary Windsor MIPS Helmet Review

Isn’t she beautiful?

I would absolutely buy another one when I go to replace my helmet.  I love being comfortable, protected and in style and this helmet does all three for me!

Tipperary Windsor MIPS Helmet Review

Love my Tipperary Windsor!