Simple Equine Soothing Chickweed Moisturizer Review

Simple Equine Soothing Chickweed Moisturizer Review

Feel of Cream/Quick to Soak In

I’ve reviewed almost the entire line from The Simple Equine at this point (sorry if you’re tired of hearing about them, I just love Tara’s products!).  There are a few items I haven’t tried or reviewed yet, so in my latest order I included a few of the products I hadn’t yet tested.  One of those has become my unexpected lifesaver this last month.  That product is the Soothing Chickweed Moisturizer.

First off…I think this product is supposed to be for horses.  I mean…the jar is a pretty good size and it’s listed on their horse grooming products page…but I had a situation many weeks ago that made me pull this out and try it on myself.

I was out in the yard.  We bought a house over the summer and the back yard is a huge mess.  I was ripping out plants with my bare hands (smart) and evidently came across something that my hands were not happy with.  Later that day they were a red, itchy mess.  The next day, despite cleaning them well and putting a normal lotion on, they were raw and uncomfortable.  I saw this bottle sitting on the counter that I hadn’t taken to the barn yet and slathered some on my hands.  They were soothed almost instantly.  Another day of regular use and they were back to normal.

I have reached for this jar a half a dozen other times since then for various reason (my skin is kinda sensitive and gets really raw this time of year with the heaters and being out in the elements).   So far, this big old jar has healed up everything quickly.  I’m impressed.

I probably should take this to the barn to try on Jax…but honestly…his skin is in good shape right now and mine isn’t…so for now this jar is for me.

Simple Equine Smoothing Chickweed Moisturizer Review

It has a lovely herbal smell I can’t quite place (probably chickweed…I don’t’ know what chickweed smells like and a little minty).  It’s fairly neutral and not overpowering at all.  The texture is a thick cream that goes on a bit sticky, but dries down fairly quickly to be not sticky (but it still feels like you have something on).  Which is great.  I need something that is going to coat and protect my hands well.  The tub is huge if you’re going to use it for yourself and the value is excellent because of that.

I’m a huge fan of this product and a little disappointed I hadn’t tried it until now!  I actually like this maybe more than her hand lotions (and I like them a lot)!

I’m sure this product is just as excellent on a horse as it is on me, but I wanted to get the review out so that you can go buy a jar to help your winter ravaged skin!  You’re probably going to need it this coming January/February!