Lexol Quick Wipes Review

Lexol Quick Wipes Review

Cleaning Ability
Convenience/Ease of Use

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I have been sitting on this review for years.  Why?  I just never thought to review the product because it’s so common!  However, I feel amiss leaving it out of my round up of leather cleaning products since I have reviewed so many now (like…over 15 by publish of this article)!

The Lexol Quick Wipes are always a part of my go-bag.  No matter if I’m going for a day, or going for a weekend…I’ve always got these in my kit.  Sure a nice deep clean before a show is great, but these are absolutely perfect for a quick wipe down of your bridle and boots before you go in the ring.  I don’t know about you, but by the time I’m ready to go into the ring to show, my clean/polished boots are dusty (or muddy) and my bridle and saddle are usually covered in gunk as well.  It’s just the way it is.  A quick wipe with the cleaner or the conditioner is all that’s needed to knock off the dirt and bring back the shine.

These absolutely are not the best option to clean your tack every day, either in cleaning ability or in value…but for travel they are a HUGE lazy girl hack.

If you don’t have these in your groom tote at a show now, you should pick up a bottle or two!  Mine also don’t seem to ever dry out…even months and months after I open them (I’m pretty sure I have one right now currently active that was first opened well over a year ago).  So the packaging is excellent.

I will say I do typically prefer the cleaner over the conditioner, simply because the conditioner is a little sticky/dirt attracting…but it does leave a really nice shine.  So your choice!  Or both! I like them both before going in the ring.