The Infused Equestrian Recovery Roller Ball Review

The Infused Equestrian Recovery Roller Ball Review

Ease of Use

How are your shoulders feeling?  A little tense from all this special Covid Holiday stress?  I don’t know about you, but this year has been much more stressful than normal!  What about your legs?  Core?  Hips?  Did No-Stirrup November do you in?  Are you generally just feeling sore and worn out all the time?  Well this product review is for you if you answered any of those yes!

The Infused Equestrian Recovery Rollerball is specifically designed to help support your muscles and joints (no matter where that soreness and stiffness is coming from).  I was so excited to get a sample of this product to try out.

I really loved my bottle until it took an unceremonious dive off my counter and busted to pieces everywhere!  *Sobs*  This product was easy to use even in tough to get spots and it was easy to get to targeted areas with the roller applicator.  Because of the rollerball, it was easy to make sure you didn’t apply too much and could go back in with more later.  Even better, it’s a small portable bottle that can go anywhere (your pocket, your purse, on your vanity) so you don’t have to carry around a big bottle of liniment to do the job.

It wasn’t a really strong burning/cooling sensation like many topical products can give, but provided a nice mild sensation on the skin and after 15 minutes or so of wearing it, I could feel the oils doing their work and helping to relieve tension in my muscles.

As with all of the products from The Infused Equestrian, it includes only the good stuff (natural MCT Coconut oil and therapeutic grade essential oils).  It does have a rather strong smell, but it’s not as bad as other products that are made to do the same thing.  Not my favorite smelling perfume or anything, but it does work!

I’m really wishing my bottle didn’t end up shattered all over the floor right now!  I could really use it to help loosen up my muscles in my shoulders.   I guess I’ll have to make due with the bottle of comfort. in my bathroom!


The Infused Equestrian Review