Cavali Club Winter 2020 Review
9.9Overall Score
Box Curation10
Value of Box10
Quality of Items10
Usefulness of Products/Product Desirability10
Excitement Level9.5

The Winter 2020 box from Cavali Club is now the 4th box I have received, and it is to this point 100% my favorite of the bunch.  This curation is spot on for winter and spot on for me personally.   This box for me had THREE hero items and three very cool items.  That’s a subscription box!

Cavali Club Winter 2020 Review

So what’s in the box?

Dapplebay Good Rides Pack (plus bonus stickers) – $24

Centerline Candles Blue Spruce Scented Candle – $7

TKEQ The Shop Classic Knit Beanie – $25

The Gable Acacia Wood Cheese Board – $49

CC Essentials Stirrup Sleeves – $19.99

Cavali Club + Dapplebay & Friends Coloring Book – $20

Coupons for Trainer’s Choice Cookies, Dapplebay, and Livewire Art

Total Retail Value – $144.99


So what did I think?

This was one of the lower “retail value” boxes I have received, and I’m absolutely thrilled with that.  This is the first time I have felt that the retail prices actually matched what I would pay for something in the box (or something similar).  This was one thing about this box (and most boxes) that bothered me.  I don’t like inflated retail values to make the box look more valuable.  This box carries a HUGE value to me without over inflating the prices.  If this was a conscious decision based on seeing my review or not, who knows.  But Bravo!

The individual items this month were excellent in terms of curation, style and quality.


Cavali Club Winter 2020 Review

I badly needed a new pack to carry my phone/keys/treats when I ride and this one from Dapplebay is perfection.  It’s sturdy, so it doesn’t get all floppy looking if it doesn’t have a phone in it.  The belt on it’s own is fabulous.  The pouch on it’s own is fabulous.  And together, well…they’re everything I’ve been wanting in a waist pouch.  I’m already wearing the heck out of it.

Cavali Club Winter 2020 Review

Did I need a cheese board?  No.  Do I LOVE the cheese board?  100% yes!  When I saw it on the spoiler I was so excited, and the quality was even better than I expected.  It’s a very heavy duty board and the bit detailing is solid.  It’s incredibly beautiful and I look forward to a day when I can have people over again so I can show it off.

Cavali Club Winter 2020 Review

The Stirrup Sleeves are brilliant.  I immediately took of my stirrup covers I had and put these babies on.  I love that I can run up my stirrups securely and have them covered.   This stirrup cover is a great design and even fits my extra wide leathers from Total Saddle Fit.  They’re great.

Cavali Club Winter 2020 Review

The candle has become a little bit of an obsession.  It smells so good!  It’s perfect because it smells just like winter…  My daughter already tried to eat it.  Obviously it’s high out of her reach now.  Lol.  It’s a perfect addition to the box.

Cavali Club Winter 2020 Review

The beanie I was not thrilled about when I saw the spoiler.  I’m like…oh goodie…a beanie.  Just what a girl in California needs.  They’re always thick and itchy and I hate wearing them.  Well…I was wrong.  This one is SUPER soft and not too thick at all!  In fact, if I lived somewhere very cold I might want something heavier.  However 2020 is keeping it’s mojo going and so far it is the coldest winter I’ve spent in CA in over a decade.  Yeah sure, it’s still hitting 65 degrees during the day…but it’s been in the 30s and night regularly for weeks (I’m such a wus…I swear).  It’s never that cold here!  So this ends up being exactly what I need right now.  I would have preferred the gray one, but black is not offensive.  I just feel a bit like I’m going to rob a store or something.  Lol.

Cavali Club Winter 2020 Review

Lastly, the coloring book.  This could have gone bad.  I actually expected just a few pages of rather thin quality paper…but man was I wrong.  24 coloring pages of good quality paper and a sturdy cover.  Well done!  I’m not sure I’m going to be able to get away with having this all to myself, but I’m going to try!  Derby has had her eye on it.

Cavali Club Winter 2020 Review

Oh…and the box design this month was just great.  Love it so much I’m reusing it (it came with very little damage or wear this month, so I can actually reuse it which is awesome)!

So the Winter 2020 Cavali Club box was perfect.  I mean…seriously perfect.  The curation was perfect.  The quality was perfect.  The retail values and value of the box was perfect.  Everything is useful or so pretty you will make use of it.  Well done!

Cavali Club Winter 2020 Review