The Infused Equestrian comfort. A Liniment Review

Ease of Use

Oh!  More The Infused Equestrian!  Tell me more Rachel…tell me more!

More you say?  Well today I am reviewing The Infused Equestrian comfort. A Liniment.

Really Rachel?  Another Liniment?  That’s not very exciting.  I mean…I swear you’ve reviewed like 12… (I’ve only reviewed 4 or 5).

Okay now, I swear this one is totally worth talking about.  Hear me out.  I should mention…I always test liniments out on myself as well as the horse.  I don’t think I get a very good read on them if I don’t try them on my own skin.  Just like the other products from The Infused Equestrian, this one is made of natural ingredients and therapeutic essential oils.

So what makes this one good?

1. This doesn’t stink.  I mean…so many liniments seem to make your eyes water the smell is so strong.  This one actually smells quite fresh.  It’s mostly mint, but with a hint of ginger that adds a little warmth. It’s quite pleasant.  Usually I’m hesitant to use liniment (or similar human branded) products on myself if I’m going anywhere since people can smell me from a block away…but this one I don’t have that problem with at all.  It’s great.

2. It’s got a great, non sticky texture.  It’s base is aloe…which can be sticky…but this one isn’t even a little bit once it’s dried down.  One thing that usually turns me off using horse liniment on myself is that it’s usually heavy feeling or sticky.  This one isn’t!  It goes on skin and hair easily.  It dries down pretty quickly and doesn’t attract dirt on horse legs (yay).  It’s super easy to apply and it’s not so strong that I am worried about rinsing my hands right away.

3. As you would expect (though not all liniments actually do this…surprise!) it has a really nice warming/cooling sensation.  The sensation is for sure enhanced when your skin is wet and pores are open (so when sweating and working or right after the shower).  As mentioned, I used this on myself and on Jax.  I loved it.  I woke up completely broken and unable to move my neck the other morning and rubbed some on my shoulders and back before going out for my ride that day and again when I got back home.  If not for having this on, I’m pretty sure my lesson would have been a total disaster (it wasn’t great as it was, but at least I was able to rotate a bit, even if my equitation was not up to par).  Obviously…Jax didn’t have anything to say about it either way.  But I’m sure he liked it too.  Too bad for Jax though…because I love it so much, it hasn’t gone back to the barn again (sorry Jax…you can keep all the smelly, eye stinging liniments I have).

4. It has nice, easy to use packaging and the label is so nice I’m not embarrassed to have it in my bathroom!  It would class up my tack trunk too…but as I said… I love it too much it’s staying home with me!

One note of warning:  Absolutely shake it up well or you’ll get all essential oils and it will be INTENSE!

The Infused Equestrian Review