Equestrian Wellness Sun Stick Review

Equestrian Wellness Sun Stick Review

Ease of Use
*Includes possible breakout causing ingredients

I have reviewed a number of products from Equestrian Wellness over the last many months, and this time I’m reviewing the Equestrian Wellness Sun Stick.   I’m so excited to feature this awesome company that focuses on …of course…Wellness for equestrians and also provides a number of healthy alternative products using people friendly ingredients.   Thank you Valerie for sending a box of products to try and review!

To compliment my most recent review of the After Sun Cooling Spray, I thought it best to follow that right up with the Equestrian Wellness Sun Stick.  The sun is still cooking after all (and we have another heat wave on the way here in Northern California this weekend).  I have the travel size version of the Sun Stick, which is perfect for me as it takes up very little space in my purse or tack box (and that’s what I use it for…on the go touch ups).

It is a reef safe, all natural sunscreen which is a great bonus.  It can be used on face, lips and body without worry.  Like all Equestrian Wellness products, it’s high quality and made of good stuff.  I also really love the packaging on the travel size one and find it extremely convenient.

Equestrian Wellness Sun Stick Review

Now SPF 15 isn’t very high, I will say.  I typically use at minimum 30 before I go out, but it is certainly better than nothing and is a great top off when you know you need a little more after being out a few hours.  This particular one is much nicer IMO than those little travel spray cans you can get of big brands as well as it’s not sticky (not to mention the environmental factors of using those).  So I give it a little mark off for being fairly low in SPF, but as a touch up stick it’s great.  Also a warning, it might cause breakouts for some people (as both coconut oil and cacao butter can cause that cause an issue, so be warned).  I have to give it a little mark down there as well as no one want’s a break out (personally it’s not a problem since I have dry desert skin…but some of you are going to break out if you use this on your face).

It soaks in really nicely on my skin and doesn’t leave a really bad white cast (though I’m super pale…so there’s that).  I use it to quickly go over my face and top of my hands at the barn when I know I need a refresh and I have used it in an emergency on the top of my feet when outside for prolonged periods in sandals.  The travel size has gotten me through the summer and I have enough left for the rest of it, so for me it’s the perfect size.

I also think the value is great for what it is and on par with the price of “nicer” sunscreen brands you’d see at Target/Walmart/Walgreens.

I really like the Equestrian Wellness Sun Stick and will for sure be buying one for summer 2021 (assuming we all live through 2020)!

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