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You may or may not have seen my review a couple weeks back on a product from The Infused Equestrian.  I’ll be reviewing several products from them in the coming months and I’m already finding some keepers!  I am so thankful they sent a box of goodies for Jax and I to try out.  Looking forward to sharing my thoughts with you!

So Essential Oils.  They are a Topic.  Some people dig them.  Some people don’t.  Some people think they’re mumbo jumbo.  Some people think they can work wonders.  Some people just like things that smell good.  I tend to lean towards “they do something, but I’m not sure how much” BUT I also happen to think anything that smells good is worth whatever it costs.  Lol.  I’m a smell loving gal.  I also think scent is very powerful in creating emotions and bringing back memories.  I was super excited to try some of the Roller Blends from The Infused Equestrian, because I happen to think that scent has a lot of power and I wanted to see how they would work for me.

The first Roller Blend I’m featuring is the The Infused Equestrian @The In Gate Roller Blend.  This particular blend is supposed to help support confidence, mental fortitude and focus.

The first time I used The Infused Equestrian @The In Gate Roller Blend was before a lesson.  Man I got a lot done that lesson.  I have used it in one out of two clinics I’ve attended since I got it.  The one I wore it for was really good.  The one I didn’t was less good.  If that was me or the horse or just the day, I won’t know for sure I think ever, but I think it made a difference helping my focus.

The Infused Equestrian @ The In Gate Roller Blend Review

I smeared it on in the 110 degree heat for our first horse show back since Covid (and amazingly, it didn’t make me want to hurl upon application like strong smells can when you’re overheated).  I went in to the warmup with a very specific plan, carried it out and then went an did a better ride than I expected for my first test (though admittedly not mistake free).  Biggest takeaway was that there was not a hint of my usually nervousness.  Not a bit.  I was as focused as I could be in the circumstances (feeling like I was going to fall off the horse and die).

I smeared a little on as I sat inside my air conditioned car trying to cool down a bit before my second ride.  I sat there and visualized a bit and rushed out to get on 3 minutes before my ride.  No warmup.  No trying to work on the things I had messed up on the first test.  I took a quick couple tips from my trainer (who I’m pretty sure was like “wtf is she doing?”) went in, focused and upped my score 3% points from my first ride.  With no warm up.  Sure, I had some mistakes again (I was so hot I transitioned at the wrong spot a couple times…mainly cause I just wanted to stop…lol), but for not having a warmup and being sure I wasn’t going to improve on the first test with how overheated I was…I was thrilled with my second ride.

So…voodoo magic?  Maybe.  I’m not one that is usually very good at horse shows.  Like many of you, I tense up and backtrack…and my riding reverts to a few years in the past.  I’m afraid to push the horse and end up plodding along sometimes.  The fact that my second ride actually got better with no warm up (and with me assuming it would go worse) is pretty amazing.  I was able to focus on the test beyond what I thought I physically would be able to in that heat.  So maybe it worked.  Maybe I just overcame a hurdle in my riding.  We shall see!

Either way…it certainly didn’t hurt and I will absolutely be using it the next time I show.  Some people have lucky socks (I have never found a pair to be lucky…rather the opposite most of the time) …I have a lucky @The In Gate Roller Blend from The Infused Equestrian.

I think the value is good for an essential oil blend and this little bottle will last me a long time!  The quality of the packaging is great and of course it smells great.  I love this stuff!

The Infused Equestrian Review