Shelter In Place: Supporting Small Equestrian Businesses

I know we’re all bored.  And no matter how big the hole in our wallet right now, I know that a lot of us are turning to online shopping to help fill that void.  Sometimes it just feels good to get something special in the mail that doesn’t come in an Amazon box.  In an effort to continue our support of some of our favorite small businesses at this difficult time (and give you some fun online shopping options), here’s a round up of some of my favorites!  Remember, purchases to these smaller companies can help keep them afloat during this tricky economy.  All purchases help!

Maybe a purchase for your trainer who’s working hard trying to take care of a gazillion extra horses every day since you can’t go to the barn? It sucks for you…(and me)…but at the same time the mental and physical exhaustion your trainer is going through is really intense…

Around the Barn

Company Spotlight: The Simple Equine

The Simple Equine – excellent natural, small batch grooming, human and leather products.  I’ve been a big fan of this company for years.

Knotty Horse – hands down the yummiest smelling horse products out there.  Their detangler cannot be beat and their other products are excellent as well.

EquiFUSE CFS Rehydrinse Review


EquiFuse – probably the best shampoos on the market.  I love the CFS and the Rehydrinse…and they have a permanent place in my bathing bucket.

Sterling Essentials – My very favorite leather cleaner out there.


For the Rider

Get that Lust-Worthy Custom Boot Look with Boot Crowns - Review

Boot Crowns – the most clever little invention for we “not so rich” equestrian fashionistas.  Add high style to your boots without breaking the bank buying custom ones… There’s a style for everyone.

Stickyseat – The original sticky seat riding tights.  Super comfy and wear like iron!


Company Spotlight: Spirithorse Designs

Spirithorse Designs – beautiful custom horse hair designs.  Great for memorials or just for fashion.  The most beautiful horse hair braiding I’ve seen yet!

Clever With Leather – the most beautiful traditional fine leather goods from the heart of horseland (Lexington KY).  Claire is a classically trained saddler who has turned her skills to making the most beautiful halters, belts, bags and more.


Ronner Design – Gorgeous equestrian prints in usable styles (shirts, dresses, scarves, shoes and more!)

The Equestrian Journal – keep track of your learning (when you get back to riding) to get more out of your barn time!

Equestrian Wellness – Natural products (and nutrition coaching) focused on improving the well being of equestrians everywhere!

Equus Couture – Beautiful show shirts, stock ties, spur straps and other fine couture items for the high style equestrian.

The Simple Equine – As mentioned above, they have some wonderful human products including lotions, lip balms, bath pampering and gorgeous jewelry.

Artist Spotlight: Mary AnnToinette Leather Studio

Mary AnnToinette Leather Studio – the leather of your dreams.  Mary is a true artist with leather and can do pretty much anything (and sources the most interesting and unique leathers!).  Want some beautiful flowers on your cantle plate…she can do that.  Want some dragons on your tall boots?  She can do that.  Want angel wings on your chaps…yup.  A true artist!


For the Horse

Polished Pony Equipment – fun and pretty (and fairly simple…less out there) browbands shipping from our neighbor up north.  Excellent turn around time and super quality.

Total Saddle Fit – clever re-inventions of the same old equipment!  I have a number of things from Total Saddle Fit and I love each one.

Mackey USA Bee Mine Fly Mask with Detachable Nose

Mackey USA – adorable prints on practical things (fly protection, sheets, bags, etc!).

Nicker Bait – yummy sweet treat cookies for your favorite ponies and horses.

Maiko Duchesse Browband Review

Maiko Duchesse Brownbands – custom blingy browbands from your wildest dreams!  If you can dream it, she can do it!

Sport Horse Cookies – high end cookies with the sport horse in mind.  Filled with good ingredients to support the athletic horse.

Hopkins Show Prep – custom saddle covers, irons covers, bridle covers, polo wraps and browbands.  My favorite shop for polos and saddle covers!


Equus Couture Spotlight

Equus Couture – the most incredibly lux browbands you can imagine.  So Couture!  She also has beautiful items for dogs and people.


Favorite Boutiques

The Fabulous Horse – carries my favorite breeches…Montar!!!!  She has a lot more in stock (and can order others) than what is on the website.  Message her if you’re looking for something specific.

Royal Equine – carries some excellent European brands including the very stylish Dotibel pads!

The Connected Rider – another excellent source for some unique Euro style finds (really great saddle pad selection).