Decidedly Equestrian’s Amazon Barn Hacks and Must Haves

Amazon Barn Hacks and Must Haves

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Amazon is good for a lot of things, but not always buying horse gear.  However…there are a number of items I love from Amazon that you might not think about to make your life at the barn easier (or at shows).  Here’s a few of my favorites.

Collapsible Bucket with Lid – the usefulness of this goes without saying.  Collapses for easy storage and hauling.  Can carry all number of things – use as a grooming tote, bucket for bathing, small bucket for drinking water top off for your horse between rides, graining.  Even better…it has a lid.  Love this one.

Reusable Bags for Grain – I make grain bags for the week for Spice since I find it easier to have the grain pre-prepared for whoever is doing feeding.  Plastic zip-lock type bags are great…but tear easy with SmartPaks and mice can chew through them easy.  Lots of waste if you ask me.  I prefer some heavy-duty bags like this to replace the disposable zip-lock ones!

Baby Bum Brush – What on earth is this?  Well new momma me has discovered this handy tool for applying diaper rash cream (and other things)…and I think it’s genius!  It translates to horses so well.  I wish I had this last summer when I was smearing A & D ointment on Dulcinea’s girth issue.  Keeps gunk off your hands and puts it exactly where you want it!

Epsom Salt – 19 lbs – First off…we always need Epsom Salt…for the horses or ourselves.  Why not grab yourself a GIANT 19 lb bag from Amazon.  It will cost you WAY less than buying them one small container at a time at Walmart/Target/CVS/Walgreens/etc.

Witch Hazel –  Ditto for a classic like Witch Hazel.  There’s SO much you can do with this (I’m not going into that), and you get a better deal here in bulk than you will at your local shops.

Giant Carabiners – Again…another huh?  Well I again found these because of my new mommy status.  These are meant for using on strollers to attach all sorts of nonsense.  What do I use them for?  To connect all my gear bags together at shows so I can carry them all in one hand with the padded handle.  Genius I think!  I’m certain there’s plenty of other uses for such an outlandishly big carabiner around the barn others can come up with too.  If you come up with a good one, let me know!

Laundry Wash Bags – a MUST HAVE for washing polo wraps and standing wraps.  Keeps them from tangling up and keeps the Velcro from tearing up other things in the wash.  These are really nice sturdy ones!  If you’re still tossing your polo wraps in the washer loose…add these to your cart right now.

Saddle Pad Storage – you can find similar for polo wrap/boot/standing wrap/etc storage as well. Lots of options!  I love these inexpensive home/closet storage containers for storing must haves at the barn for cheap!

Power Bank – We all run out of phone battery at the barn right?  Who wants to plug it into the wall and forget about it.  This power bank charges your phone in hand…and charges it FAST!  Yeah…you’ll need to remember to charge the power bank every couple of days…but this one is my favorite!


Electrolytes for you – Summer is here and horses and barn-ing is a lot of work!  Keep hydrated with electrolytes that aren’t terrible for you (Gatorade isn’t a great option with all that sugar, sorry).  I love these!  Not SUPER strong flavored, but gives the water just enough flavor to make it interesting and motivate you to drink.  Plus it keeps your electrolytes balanced on super hot days.

Anti-Chafe – Because why wouldn’t you buy something named Hoo Ha Ride Glide!  I actually found this product several years ago cycling and it’s just as applicable for riding!  If you have chafing issues in the summer, or want some postpartum cooling effects…you’re going to love this stuff.

Extra Large Insulated Water Bottle – my very favorite water bottle can be yours too!  Why?  Keeps your water cold.  Has an excellent lid that keeps dirt out of your water.  IT IS HUGE.  It is a perfect canvas for adding all sorts of pretty horsey stickers to.

UV Sleeves – Because we all spend too much time in the sun…who really wants melanoma scars on their arms by 40 years old?  I don’t.  If I’m not wearing a long sleeve sun-shirt…I’m wearing a pair of these to keep the sun off.


What are YOUR barn hacks and must haves from Amazon?  Or from anywhere else you wouldn’t expect?  I’d love to hear your creative ideas for using non-barn items to make barn life better!