NEIGH Gallop Green Fly Spray Review
8.8Overall Score
Bottle Design6
All Natural and Quality10
I met Christina Varrasso, CEO of NEIGH Gallop Green at WEG last September and was super interested to learn about her new all natural fly spray that used natural geraniol (not synthetic) to pack a powerful bug-repelling punch.  Fast forward to this summer when the flies started coming out in droves I was excited to get to try the new all natural fly spray NEIGH Gallop Green!
First of, it has a wonderful scent (at least I think so).  I love the way natural fly sprays smell, but they usually just don’t work that well.How about this one?  It was developed to repel flies, ticks, mosquitoes and gnats (which is excellent…as every single one of those nasty beasties annoy Spice (and me)).
Does it work?  Well so far that is a resounding YES!  I haven’t seen a single fly on Spice’s body where I spray this.  Spray it on half of his body…no flies on that side…but flies show up on the other.  No joke.  I’m SUPER impressed.  I really didn’t expect it to work that well.  As you can see, after a hard workout in extreme heat…Spice is covered in sweat…but not a fly in site.  Impressive!
NEIGH Gallop Green Fly Spray Review
As a bonus, this fly spray leaves Spice’s coat nice and shiny.  The value is good with a bottle having lasted me several weeks and it’s maybe half empty.
I am not a huge fan of the spray bottle.  It doesn’t spray that well, but the product works so well I’m happy to just move the product to another bottle I like better.  Would love to be able to buy a gallon version!
This product is also safe for dogs and people (awesome!) with the all natural ingredients:  natural geraniol, peppermint oil, citronella oil, Vitamin E, and Quillaja saponin (soap bark).
I would absolutely buy this product again and I’m not sure exactly why I’m not seeing it everywhere this summer!  Everyone should have a bottle I think!  It certainly is an excellent product and very likely the most effective natural fly spray that exists.
To learn more about NEIGH Gallop Green and purchase, visit their website, Facebook or follow in Instagram!