Elemental Equine Skin Salvation Spray Review

Elemental Equine Skin Salvation Spray

Ease of Use

When I first got the box of Elemental Equine goodies, I wasn’t sure when I’d have a chance to use the Skin Salvation Spray.  Spice is pretty good about not having skin issues and I’m pretty good about keeping him groomed spotless and clean all the time…well then pregnancy happened and I let myself get a little slack on the grooming.  One spring day (after a long winter of no baths) I showed up to the barn to see this…

Elemental Equine Skin Salvation Spray Review

Eeek.  Spice had started rubbing his tail out.  Bad mommy!  I reached for the bottle of Skin Salvation Spray and gave the dock of his tail a thorough spray down and massage (I did wash his tail the following week..promise!).  In the mean time, I kept applying this to his tail and there was no more rubbed out tail.  Whooo….dodged an ugly tail bullet there.  I found it extremely effective to sooth the dander and itching on his tail.

I’ve also used it on bug bites/hives this summer as the bugs are out with a vengeance and he’s never really had an issue being bit before.  This stuff soothes it all.

Like all Elemental Equine products, it’s full of good stuff (witch hazel, aloe, and essential oils).  You can feel good about using it on your horse and you can use it on yourself too if you happen to have some itchy bits!  It’s good stuff and I would for sure buy another bottle when I run out of this one.  I think the value is good, but being a spray, it probably won’t last as long as I’d like for the price, (sprays always disappear so fast).

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