RoadID Review

Road ID Wristband Review


As equestrians, we sometimes forget about the “precautionary” measures we should ALL take when riding or working around our equine companions. As a young rider, I always rolled my eyes when my mother insisted I carry identifying information etched in my jacket or boots with a sharpie. Now, as an adult, I can understand the importance of identification especially when riding alone or with people who may not know your emergency contact information.

Road ID is a company that specializes in identification products for anyone involved in an active lifestyle. Whether you are running, biking, hiking, or riding horses they have a variation of products that are comfortable, stylish, and best of all EASY to use.

I chose the stretch ID for my daughter, and the wrist ID for myself. I was concerned about fit for her, as it is a one piece silicone band with a metal engraved “plate” that slides on. I didn’t realize until I received it, that the silicone kids option comes with THREE different sizes for growing kids! That was a relief and so awesome to know she could “grow in” to the bands as needed.

The personalization is unlimited, you aren’t stuck with an ugly “one size fits all” option, there are TONS of color choices and personalization “badges” that can be added. Some are inspirational, some are fun, and some are to acknowledge health conditions that others may need to be aware of in an emergency situation. The personalization process is easy to navigate on the website, and they give ample “lines” of engraving to provide needed information. The size of the face-plate is legible and clean, but if you have a contact with a long name, I came across the limit of characters before I could finish the name. (Abbreviation is key for anything personalized on a small surface.)

The versatility of this product is absolutely amazing. You can switch out bands, badges, faceplates, and clasps seamlessly with minimal effort if you need a different product for a different purpose. I feel very confident riding alone, or sending my daughter into the show ring knowing that our emergency information is available for a stranger to utilize if the need should arise.