Elemental Equine Tendonel and Tendonel Freeze Review

Elemental Equine Tendonel and Tendonel Freeze Review

Ease of Use

DE is thrilled to bring you a series of reviews on the premium products from Elemental Equine which they sent for us to try out.  Their products are made from top quality human grade ingredients and thoroughly tested to make sure they are safe and extremely effective for your horses.  Today we’re reviewing the Elemental Equine Tendonel and Elemental Equine Tendonel Freeze.

Both of these liniment rubs are cream based, which makes them extra easy to apply.  No spillage, no sloppy drips, no sticky residue.  They melt right into your horse’s coat and rub in easily and also soak quickly into human skin as well.  Neither leave a residue and they don’t seem to attract dirt, which is fabulous.  An added bonus, both are show safe (which is excellent)!

The main base, Comfrey Oil has a number of benefits promoting new skin cell growth and wound healing, reducing inflammation, healing bruises, easing soreness in muscles and ligaments, and even helping with arthritis pain.  It’s one of those awesome natural products that packs a real punch. 

The Tendonel Freeze has the additional help of Arnica, Menthol, and Tea Tree Oil which add extra benefits of a cooling sensation, antibacterial/anti-fungal properties, anti-inflammatory effect and more bruise/wound healing capabilities.  They both smell good, with the Freeze having a bit more of a medicinal smell due to the menthol/Tea Tree additions.

I’ve used both versions on myself and on Spice.  I’m still using the Tendonel Freeze on myself regularly since my hips and back are quite sore from the strain of being 8 months pregnant.  I found that both products worked equally well to sooth my soreness, but I like the extra punch of the cooling found in Freeze.  A little goes a long way, and this bottle is going to last some time if I only use it on myself.

Both seemed to work equally well on Spice (though he didn’t tell me which he preferred so I gave him the regular Tendonel rather selfishly).  Both apply easily.  He bounces back much better on the days after I use these products than when I just leave him with nothing.  I noticed it particularly in his hind end after pirouette work.

The price is quite high for a liniment product (so I gave it a knock on value), but it works so much better for me than some of the other cheaper ones on the market (and I like the lotion formula) that to me it’s worth the price…especially for myself.  Value goes down a bit for horse application since it takes quite a bit more to get the job done on large muscle areas, but it does do what it says it does!  It just may be out of your budget.

Be on the lookout for reviews on more products from Elemental Equine coming soon!