Shop for A Cause: EquiSpa Grapefruit Coat Refresh Review

Shop for A Cause: Equi-Spa Grapefruit Coat Refresh

Ease of Use
This month I’ll be featuring some of Equi-Spa’s products in reviews because for the month of April 2019, Equi-Spa is holding a 20% off sale to celebrate their new addition at home:  Ms. Oympio!  Missy was recently adopted by Equi-Spa owner Sherie Vermeer in partnership with Neigh Savers Foundation (an organization I work with regularly to re-home OTTBs).  Sherie plans to provide this former race horse and broodmare a forever home where she can live comfortably and with dignity for the rest of her life.  In addition to the 20% off for you, 10% of profits will be donated to Neigh Savers!  So get to shopping and do a little good at the same time!


The products from Equi-Spa are spa quality, premium horse-care products formulated from all-natural ingredients and aromatic plant essences.  Because of this they are safe for your horse and for you and this one is safe for your long coated dogs too that need a little spot cleaning.  I’ve always been a sucker for natural products that work well and anything that has multiple uses…even better.
The Equi-Spa Grapefruit Coat Refresh is a multi-use product that can work for you even if you don’t have a horse with a lot of chrome.  In fact, if you haven’t noticed,  Spice is brown on brown on brown.  No staining here to worry about.  I did try the product out on a friend’s horse for it’s intended use and the Grapefruit Coat Refresh got out fresh stains in a hot minute with ease (literally, sprayed on and brushed over a couple of times…no hard work required).  How well it works on set in stains on the horse, I don’t really know, but on fresh dirt it did the trick.  I have used it with success on Spice’s fresh pee spots with some success as well (aka they smell much better and it gets that yellow dingy look out of his coat).
Shop for A Cause: EquiSpa Grapefruit Coat Refresh Review
My favorite use for this came about because I’m a lazy pregnant lady right now.  It mentioned on the website that it was usable on blankets, clothing, etc…so I thought…hell…I haven’t washed my dressage boots in ages, I’m going to give that a go.  A few sprays into the fabric and a brush through with a cat brush got out hair, dirt and staining quite easily (and made them smell MUCH better).  I’ve also used it on saddle pads for a refresh between uses and on a stain on my sweatshirt.  I have also started to use it on my grooming equipment between uses and found that the nasty dirt doesn’t stick to the brushes as easily and they smell much better.
Shop for A Cause: EquiSpa Grapefruit Coat Refresh Review

I’ve ended up pretty darn sold on the Equi-Spa Grapefruit Coat Refresh and it’s my favorite product of the bunch.  It’s got so many uses, it isn’t going to take me long to get through the bottle at all and I will for sure be buying more!  Remember there’s a 20% off sale going on now (for the month of April 2019) at Equi-Spa and 10% proceeds going to Neigh Savers Foundation.  Now’s the time to shop!