Equithrive Joint Review

Keep a Supple Happy Horse with Equithrive Joint


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Spice is no spring chicken any longer.  At 22 (coming up on 23) years old he needs as much help as he can get.  He’s got a couple of old injuries, just like you would expect for a horse his age and a few aches and pains.  So anything I can do to help him out, I’m up for.  Massage, acupressure, different supplements…whatever he needs I try and provide.  Well over a year ago someone told me about Equithrive.  I honestly don’t remember who to thank for that, but soon after Spice had it in his regular rotation.

I will make a note, this stuff isn’t cheap.  But unlike so many other joint supplements I’ve used and seen used on horses over the years, this is the only one that seems like it actually works. To help with the sticker shock a bit, you can always buy the larger bulk version (which is a little savings), wait for a coupon, get a discount through Smart Pak, or use your Amazon card points to save money on this product.  There are lots of ways to make this bill a little easier to swallow.

Why should you try it?  I think this story sums it up.

There is a dressage judge/trainer in my area that has known Spice since he was a young pup.  She helped get him to PSG and coached my trainer for many years.  I’ve been riding clinics with her for a couple of years with him and she has given me all my worst scores in competition (she is tough and honest).  She knows Spice like he was one of hers.  One day at a clinic after having Spice on Equithrive for about 4 or so months she said to me, “This is the best this horse has looked in years.   He looks even, supple and comfortable.  What have you been doing?”  And I told her Equithrive.  Spice has stayed on it ever since.  I have brought him back from semi retirement through Training, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th levels…with our PSG debut later this month.  At 22 years old.  Yup.  This product is fabulous.

You can find it here in the 8lb size or the 2lb size with free shipping.  There is a regular flavor and molasses flavor.  Spice will take either, but seems to gobble up the sweet version more happily.