Care for your leather with Sterling Essentials Leather Conditioner
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More leather care?  Really.  Yup.  More!  There seems to be an endless supply of companies and products for me to try, so I’m going to keep after it!  I love leather care products!  After an email to Teal of Sterling Essentials, I had a a jar of her leather conditioner on the way with a bottle of her leather cleaner (that I previously reviewed here).   Thank you so much for sending product for me to try and for helping to feed my addiction!

First off, the conditioner has the same scents as the cleaners…so YUMMY!  There’s a Lavender, Eucalyptus and Floral Citrus to choose from.  The scents are light, fresh, and not overpowering.  Even better, they don’t come from added perfumes, but carefully considered essential oils that happen to protect leather from mold and mildew.  Bonus!  Scent with a purpose!

Sterling Essentials Leather Conditioner

I used these first on my paddock boots. MAN have these things been put through it.  Not cleaned every day. Covered in arena sand, sawdust, and dirt.  Then soaked on the wash rack, then back to all that filth again.  On top of that they’re in an exceptionally dry climate.  No wonder I need to buy a new pair every year or so!  These babies (which are SO comfortable and I got for a song ($50 at the Dover Tent Sale), are starting to show their age and on top of loosing their shape a bit, they are starting to crack on the toes.  Time to start conditioning them more regularly!  After a good clean with the Sterling Essentials Cleaner to get off all the gook, I took a bit of the conditioner in my hands, melted it by rubbing my hands together and then rubbed it all over the boots (bonus…it makes your hands soft too). The one on the left above was conditioned and allowed to soak in.  The one on the right, just cleaned.

Sterling Essentials Leather Conditioner

I was impressed with how easy this was to use.  Unlike some conditioners, it’s not sticky at all.  It melts in your hands, so it’s easy to put on without clumping.  It soaks in quickly, and I usually do a second coat because these babies are so dried out.  As you can see above, after a few weeks of caring for these boots with the Sterling essentials products, the leather looks quite supple and soft.  I can promise you, that before treatment…I honestly thought these boots were getting very close to dumpster fodder.  Now I think I can keep them going until next spring!  I love the leather care products from Sterling Essentials and they will be replacing a few products in my regular rotation!  These products aren’t cheap, but they work!  And a little goes a long way!

Sterling Essentials Leather Conditioner

You can by directly from Sterling Essentials online here, at your local tack shop or you can get it on Amazon here if you’re an addict like I am and get an Amazon box every few days.