Protective Pet Solutions - Recovery Vizor
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The new quarter horse on the ranch, under some unfortunate circumstances, got the opportunity to review an amazing product from Protective Pet Solutions, The Recovery Vizor! The product was a life saver for us and him in his time of recovery. Toby had a laceration to the lower eye, which had been covered with a traditional fly mask until we could get it repaired. He rubbed it, and rubbed it and scratched it on anything he could find! The eye was swollen, irritated, and down right ugly. Our veterinary team repaired it, with a realistic expectation that the sutures may not heal, the eye may be compromised due to the damage, and we may have a future of chronic issues on our plate. With the help of Protective Pet Solutions Recovery Vizor (that is specifically made to fit like a glove OVER the visor) he made a FULL recovery with no scarring or indication of the original injury. I give the Recovery Vizor by Protective Pet Solutions all the credit!

When I initially pulled the unit out of the box I was a little intimidated, it felt heavy, complicated and down right weird. I was wrong! The instructions provided are clear and well written, and the unit itself was VERY easy to fit and adjust. It is made with HEAVY duty materials and straps which washed well, wore well, and held up to ALL of the failed attempts at rubbing the eye during recovery. It is constructed with a non-collapsible soft plastic material, and vent holes for proper air flow to the eyes and wound if applicable. The fleece liner prevented any rubs or wear marks, and he wore the Recovery Vizor for 10 consecutive days 24 hours a day, not only in the stall but during turnout. We had the tinted option, (it is available tinted or clear – both of which include UV protection) which made the recovery easier in the summer months. For those horses that develop ulcers and horses sensitive to the sun in general, the UV protection and blocking ability is AMAZING. Per Protective Pet Solutions the UV protection is the highest on the market!

We did not have ANY issues with buckles or straps on the visor or the fly mask jacket. The straps are thick, well made, and easily adjustable! Toby has a large thick Quarter Horse head, and it fit him very well with room to go smaller or larger than even he needed! Safety is important, and the EquiVizor line by Protective Pet Solutions reflects that 100%.

Our veterinary team and myself have been VERY impressed with this product, we have recommended it to anyone dealing with an ocular injury, or laceration recovery. I am amazed at his recovery, and the Recovery Vizor by Protective Pet Solutions was a HUGE part of his success.

You can purchase the Recovery Vizor on their website here or from Amazon here.