Keep your Leather Sparkling clean with Sterling Essentials Leather Cleaner
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Scent and Packaging10

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How many leather cleaners have I reviewed now?  Feels like hundreds!  I’m THE unofficial expert on leather cleaners.  I thought I’d pretty much tried them all until I saw a shiny black bottle in a tack box at a horse show and thought…”ohh…what’s THAT!”  After an email to Teal of Sterling Essentials, I had a bottle of her leather cleaner and a leather conditioner on the way (that review will come later!).   Thank you so much for sending product for me to try!

First of I need to comment on the packaging – I LOVE this bottle.  I love the size and I love the spray mechanism (my favorite kind of sprayer).  If you’ve read any of my leather cleaner reviews (or shampoo reviews) you’ll know I’m a sucker for a nice smelling product!  This cleaner has a great scent (I also got to smell the Lavender and the Eucalyptus and they’re equally yummy).   The scent is light, fresh, and not overpowering.  Even better, those yummy scents don’t come from added perfumes, but carefully considered essential oils that happen to protect leather from mold and mildew.

So how did it clean…well have a look!

Sterling Essentials Leather Cleaner Review

I want to say I was VERY impressed with the cleaner – these photos are from the quickest and most lazy cleaning job ever.  I sprayed a couple of sprays on my sponge, wiped the whole boot down and BAM – Done.  It was literally less than a minute per boot.  This cleaner melted off the dirt in seconds and didn’t need a second cleaning to get the job done.   There was no foamy mess to wipe off after either, which I often get in trouble with when over applying other cleaners.  It is simply an excellent leather cleaner.

Sterling Essentials Leather Cleaner Review    Sterling Essentials Leather Cleaner Review

I will absolutely be adding Sterling Essentials Cleaner to my regular tack cleaning regimen.  I’ve been cleaning my saddle and bridle with it and find it just as good if not better than Leather Therapy Wash (which was my most recent go-to).  The price is reasonable for how well it works and how little you need per cleaning so I think it’s a great value!

You can by directly from Sterling Essentials online here.