Cheata Cool Cat Undertight Review

Cheata Cool Cat Undertight Review


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So as a dressage rider I have one huge problem.  Nope…not that 49% score on my record for all to see for all of time… What is worse than that you might ask? My bum in white breeches!  Anyone else with me on that?  Well I’m not 20 anymore…and I’ve always carried a bit more junk in the trunk than most so keeping this area under-wraps has always been my #1 aim when dressing.  With dressage…there’s no option for that.  Add that on top of the fact that breech material seems to be getting thinner and more sheer by the year (thanks to those “tech fabrics”) and I’ve got a real unsightly problem.  I was sent a couple of Cheata undergarments to try during show season this year and I needed to get this review out to you ladies ASAP.  You NEED the Cheata Cool Cat Undertight.

Cheata Cool Cat Undertight Review

So how much do I recommend these?  I am showing off my lumpy bum for all the internet to see…so take that as one of the most flattering of recommendations I could give.  You know those before and after photos they show on the advertising, well here’s my own version… and how exciting to actually see a real difference!

Cheata Cool Cat Undertight Review Side by Side 2

These babies not only smooth and sleek your look, the compression fabric lends some support to muscles as well.  The Cheata Cool Cat Undertights are the most comfortable shape-ware I have tried under my breeches yet.  The waistband isn’t really there…so there’s no seams causing additional lumps.  Ditto around the ankles.  Want these to not go all the way down to the ankle?  No problem, just trim them.  Want a lower rise?  Again…just trim them.  The rise on these is a mid-rise out of the bag.

Cheata Cool Cat Undertight Review Side by Side 1

Walking around initially was a little awkward, but I shortly got used to the feel of the tights and forgot I was wearing them by the end of the day.  In the saddle these babies shine.   They smooth those lumps, support your muscles, wick sweat off of your skin to keep you comfortable and amazingly enough don’t make you hot at all!  I admit that the only show I’ve worn them to so far was in the month of February…but it was like 70 degrees and sunny…so it certainly wasn’t a cold day.  Wearing these compression tights, I actually got better as I rode that day instead of my muscles getting fatigued after 4 hours in the saddle.  There was no limitation in range of motion and they felt good in the saddle with no itching, chaffing, uncomfortable friction heat, or any of the other typical problems from wearing these kinds of undergarments.  They actually made my breeches more comfortable because they protected me from rubs and the seams on those.  Bonus.

Cheata Cool Cat Undertight Review

Because of the seamless waist band, you might wonder if these are good for holding your stomach in…and they’re not.  They have another tight for that problem area called the Sleekifier.  As you can see in the photo above, there’s a gap between the bottom of their Trotter bra and the tights.  If you have a little fluff there, this might create a bit of a muffin top scenario for you and the other tights will work better for you.

Don’t have lady lumps to concern you (lucky!)?  Well do you hate your underwear showing and leaving underwear lines?  These make that problem smooth out too without having to go totally commando as well as adding the other comfort and performance benefits.

Cheata Cool Cat Undertight Review


The Cheata Cool Cat Undertight washed and dried easily and looked brand new after cleaning.  No break down or stretching of the fabric so far…which is fabulous! I will update this review at a later date after more wears on durability.

I highly recommend the Cheata Cool Cat Undertight for your riding camouflaging and compression needs!  You can purchase the Cheata Cool Cat Undertight online here.