The Simple Equine Healing Calendula Salve Review
9.5Overall Score
Quality Ingredients10
Scent and Texture10

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Warning!  Graphic (bloody) content.  If you’re squeamish…you’ve been warned.  There’s a big cut and stitches involved.  I was kind enough to leave out the photo before stitching however…

When I met the owner of The Simple Equine last year, she gave me a 1 oz sample of the Healing Calendula Salve.  This product sample couldn’t have come at a better time for testing.  Now 9 months later I am sharing my review of this product.

The Simple Equine Healing Calendula Salve Review

Before going into the specific review (and to give more space before posting the gore photo), I’ll go into what this product is developed for.  As with all products from The Simple Equine, this one was created with all natural quality ingredients (and they’re all human grade…so even better).  The Healing Calendula Salve was developed specifically to sooth and promote healing on cuts, bites, sunburns, etc.  Note:  My sample included Arnica which has now been removed from this formulation.  It is a solid gel salve like texture that is easy to apply and not messy.  It has a really lovely scent as well.  It soaks in quickly and a little goes a long way (in fact I still have about half of that 1 oz jar).  It is not to be applied on an open wound.

Now for the good stuff…

The Simple Equine Healing Calendula Salve Review

My husband decided to put his arms through a piece of glass one day while I was away at a horse show.  He ended up needing over 20 stitches in various locations on his arms, but this one was the worst.  The cut went through the skin and muscle.  He wrapped some paper towels around his arm and drove himself to the emergency room (and left a trail of blood in his wake) instead of calling me and bothering me at the horse show.  Sweet…sorta.

Anyways…so after the stitches were removed and the cut had fully sealed up, I started applying the Healing Calendula Salve to his arm every day.  I did this religiously for about 2 months, and then left him to keep applying it after that (which he did a couple times a week for several more months).  I looked at this a bit like applying Mederma…and wanted to test it against that product.  Mederma comes in a small tube and is quite pricey ($30 for less than 2oz) …the full sized of the Healing Calendula Salve comes in an 8 oz container and is significantly cheaper per oz at $34 a jar.  Excellent value.

So because this cut also damaged the muscle (and they chose not to stitch that),  it took a couple of months for it not to be a very large indention in his arm.  You can still feel a hole in his muscle in one area of the cut.  It was pretty gnarly.  Eight months later the wound is fairly flat and the scar is quite faded.  Comparing to an old surgery scar of mine that was much neater and much smaller that I used Mederma on…the healing and scaring improvement in 8 months is actually a bit better.  Five years on that scar is quite faded…but it took a good 2 years for it to really go back to normal coloring.  I’ll update this review in another 6 months or so to show further healing.  The Simple Equine Healing Calendula Salve Review

I was very impressed with this product’s ability to aid in healing this pretty horrible cut.  In my opinion it works just as well as Mederma on this kind of wound (and the texture is better and it smells nicer).  The value places it above that product as well.  I highly recommend the Healing Calendula Salve from The Simple Equine.  It’s just one of many excellent products from this line.

Note:  I have not used this on a horse since I figured this particular review testing was going to be much more obvious than any little cuts on Spicy.  It is formulated for use on horses, so feel free to try it on yours!