No Thrush Review

No Thrush Review

Ease of Use/Bottle

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I purchased No Thrush a few months back with the intention of trying to heal up Spices fairly bad heel cracks.  They were so deep, sticks would get stuck up there…no good!  While they didn’t seem to be causing any lameness issues, I’m not a fan of having to worry about thrush constantly, so I did a little research to see what could help the problem.  Enter:  No Thrush (and our review).No Thrush Review

No Thrush is a powder treatment that kills the bacteria that causes thrush and other fungal infections.  I does not harm or burn tissues, so it’s supposed to allow for healing and regrowth instead of just killing the thrush.  The powder nature of the product is also supposed to help draw out excess moisture and remove thrush’s favorite conditions.No Thrush Review


In my personal experience over the last few months, this product has healed up the cracks in 3 out of 4 of Spice’s feet (and kept them that way).  He does have one stubborn crack that just won’t fill in, but it has improved.  This product has also drastically reduced the depth of his frog grooves as well.  Most impressively, this has been over a winter where Spice’s paddock is a quagmire and it will not stop raining.  This product has helped even with everything going against me.   I’m sure that the final crack will eventually fill once conditions dry up.  Note:  I did not use No Thrush every day -it was only applied 3-4 days a week.No Thrush Review

No Thrush is a bit hard to apply and I often find myself covered in powder or having squirted out too much (or fighting to get damp powder out of the tip).  But if it works, it works no matter how dirty I get.  It’s also quite pricey, but again…if it works, it’s worth it.   It does not stain and it does not hurt skin if you get any on yourself (or your horse).  I am still working on my first bottle though it is almost gone, so even with the higher cost, it does last a while (even with wastage from spills).No Thrush Review

If you are having issues with thrush or heel cracks, it cannot hurt to give No Thrush a try.  For some people, I know applying it has been a deal breaker for them…but if you have some real foot issues, it’s worth fighting past the application issues and just using the product regularly.  I personally love the product and have been very pleased with the results.