EquiFUSE Perfect+Shine Spray Review

EquiFUSE Perfect+Shine Spray Review


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For the sake of transparency, EquiFUSE is one of my go-to brands.  Any time you see a review of one of their products from Decidedly Equestrian, you can expect it to be positive.  I previously reviewed EquiFUSE Gleam as well as EquiFUSE CFS and Rehydrinse and I loved all three products.  Back in the fall we broke down and bought a bottle of the EquiFUSE Perfect+Shine Spray…because I just had to know.EquiFUSE Perfect+Shine Spray Review

This is not your typical shine spray.  There’s oil in this product (or it feels like it) and it has a ton of moisturizing properties that most shine sprays do not have.  It actually improves the hair.  It smells quite lovely as well (which is always a bonus for me).  It did not notably improve the shine on an already clean horse (over the top of other EquiFUSE products that is…which make the horse shine like the sun as it is)…but it does certainly improve the shine on a dirty coat and it does improve the softness and moisture level of the coat/mane/tail.  All in all, I’m pretty impressed with the product.  It does seem to make hair a bit sticky and attract a bit of dirt, so that’s not idea.  EquiFUSE Perfect+Shine Spray Review

My big hesitation with this product was the price point compared to the number of uses.  Shine/conditioner sprays are notoriously expensive if they’re not concentrate formula, and this product is no different.  At $25 a bottle for 32 oz, it puts it up there out of my normal price range for this kind of product for everyday use.  I found that I ended up using up more than I expected because of the sprayer and didn’t get as many uses out of the bottle as I expected (it lasted through a handful of groomings).  I didn’t use this product long term to decide how it improved the coat over time because of the cost prohibitive nature of such a trial.  I would have needed several bottles worth of product to get a good read on that.EquiFUSE Perfect+Shine Spray Review

All in all, I like this product (though not as much as a few others of their line) and would purchase and use it again.  I would hesitate to use it daily because of the price tag, but during show season when I’m going to shows every couple of weeks, it will likely make its way into my show grooming kit.  You can purchase the EquiFUSE Perfect+Shine Spray here.