Slick 'N Easy Review

Slick ‘N Easy Review

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The Slick ‘N Easy Grooming Block is a classic.  It’s found in every tack store, its price is reasonable and it has been around for ever.  You would think that as ubiquitous as it is I’d see more people using them.  I’ve only ever seen people using them for bot fly egg removal…but never for everyday grooming.  I have never even used one!  I was intrigued by this unassuming little block and had one sitting in my trunk, so I figured why not try it in the height of shedding season and see what it can do.

Slick 'N Easy Review

The block is made of fiberglass, though it has a bit of a pumice feel (but not as hard).  It is a super budget item when you compare it to many of the other shedding tools on the market, but it is temporary.  The block disappears with use and you eventually need to buy another (it claims 10-12 horses and I think that use is about right).  I’ve used  it for a couple of weeks (not every day) and still have block left, but it’s more than halfway through its life.Slick 'N Easy Review

I actually like that it is a disposable item, as I don’t have to have an extra tool to hold onto during non-shed times (my tack box/house/car trunk/grooming tote is full enough already).Slick 'N Easy Review

It’s quite easy to use and I like how light it is.  It doesn’t have the best feeling in your hands as it is a bit scratchy, but it doesn’t hurt or anything either (and there are no shed blades to slice yourself open with).  It really takes of the hair, but also does a pretty admirable job on dander, dirt, shavings, encrusted mud, etc.  My only concern is that it is easy to push too hard and risk scratching bonier parts (but most shedding tools have this problem).  I am just extra careful around those areas.  I have used this on the legs to remove mud, and it has worked well.

All in all I was super impressed with this block and a little disappointed in myself that it has taken years to actually use one.  It’s not a glamorous product, but it gets the job done and on a budget!  You can buy Slick N Easy here.