The Barn Closet Stirrup Covers Review
8.3Overall Score

This is more of a product feature than a review.  I don’t have a ton to say about The Barn Closet Stirrup Covers other than “They are awesome.”The Barn Closet Stirrup Covers Review

I received these for Christmas after putting them on my wish list (thinking it would be good to protect my soon to come new saddle from scratches).  Three months into the new saddle and I have no scratches from the stirrups at all.  They also keep dirt/footing from the tread off the saddle and help keep everything clean.  They’re so far quite durable and I have gotten a ton of compliments on how cute they are.  The bling and stitching is all still in perfect shape.

The Barn Closet Stirrup Covers Review

You can purchase these in various color combos here.   They also have a jumper and monogram version available as well as a ton of other cool products.


Note June 2017:  These are still in perfect shape!