Horse Holster Review

The Horse Holster Review

Design Usability

I’ve had problems with phone protection at the barn for years.  I have had my phone go flying off a cantering horse on trails and in the arena more times than I can count.  Keeping a phone in my pocket never worked and my belt phone case only really worked if I was wearing a belt and magnet/clip closures wore out quickly (using a waistband clip type would just result in both case and phone flying off together).  Then there is a phone’s worst enemy…water.  Keeping a phone dry during a downpour of giving a bath has always been tricky.   I never really found anything that worked well.  The last several months I just left my phone on the mounting block in the arena and didn’t take it at all on the trail.

Horse Holster Review

Then I discovered the Horse Holster.

My review of the Horse Holster doesn’t need to be long-winded.  All I really need to say is…where has this been all these years?!Horse Holster Review

I have found a couple of ways I like to use the Horse Holster including the intended around the leg use.  I have also managed a method of attaching it to my belt loops to keep it at my waist when I am walking around or when I am schooling dressage and need my whip laying on my thigh.  Since I got the Horse Holster I have used it daily riding on the trails, teaching lessons, schooling dressage and even at a few shows (though I take it off before going in the arena).  I have found that keeping it on my leg doesn’t work particularly well when walking around for long periods of time as it tends to slide down.  That could be more of an issue with the lack of friction my breeches offer to the strap vs. jeans.  I don’t have an issue moving it up to my belt loops when walking around teaching lessons however.  It works great there too.

It is quite water resistant. It has been through two baths and my phone was bone dry both times.  More impressively, during the second bath, I got caught in a surprise rainstorm that ended up with me just as soaked as the horse.  Not a bit of moisture made it into the inner layers of the Horse Holster.Horse Holster Review

It has a zip pouch section to carry things like cash, and ID or a key (or in my case an asthma inhaler and a lip gloss) and the phone pocket is large enough to carry my phone and a snack…or my sunglasses…or whatever.  The design of this really is quite handy.  I got the XL size so I could carry more stuff!  It’s not so big it feels unwieldy.  They also have a slimmer version, if that’s what you’re looking for.

I won’t take another trail ride without my phone again now that I have found the Horse Holster.  No more sacrificing my safety for the safety of my phone.  It’s not the most stylish thing in the world, but it does exactly what I need it to do.

You can find out more and purchase your own Horse Holster here.