Stickyseat Breeches Review

Stickyseat Breeches Review

If you read this blog, you probably remember my rant about breeches…and my subsequent try on spree.  I was contacted after that blog post by the owner of Stickyseat and she generously offered a pair of her fabulous cargo style breeches for me to try and review.  I was told by a fellow blogger that I would love them and I could stop looking.Stickyseat Breeches Review
She was right.
First, the shipping on these were basically instantaneous.  It was helpful that I’m just a short drive away from the company base, but still…impressive.  On first glance these breeches aren’t much to look at.  They aren’t flashy.  They don’t have contrast color seeming, bling, or embroidery.   They are just plain looking yoga pants…with silicon dots on the bum and knee patches.  The material too seems like it is nothing special, just a nice heavier weighted gym pant material.  Thick enough to hid some sins, but thin enough to be flexible and cool.
 Stickyseat Breeches Review
Appearances can be deceiving.  I tried them on right away and first thing my husband said, “Those look good. Turn around.”  Lol.
The second thing I noticed…two or so hours later after getting distracted by someone at the door, cleaning, and dinner…is that they were incredibly comfortable.  I had totally forgotten that I was wearing them.  That’s how breeches should fit.  You should forget they are there.
The material is just perfect.  Just thick enough to be supportive, but stretchy enough to go go anywhere your legs try to stretch them.  Can I do the splits in my Tredstep full seats?  Heck no.  Can I do them in Stickyseats…yes.   The waist is high and contoured and the wide waistband has a smaller elastic band inside (sounds weird…but it’s not when you wear them).   They fit great with no waist gap (but also no pinch or bulge above the waistline), no saggy crotch and no tight knees.  Absolutely perfect fit.
The cargo pockets are perfect for holding a cell phone (in a dozen rides now it has never even started to slip out even while galloping), spare gloves, sunglasses or whatever else you need an extra hand for.   The sticky seat part of the Stickyseats keep my position a bit steadier when doing no stirrup work and general riding.  They’re not so sticky I notice (except when I’m trying to get in my car with leather seats…lol), but just sticky enough.  They’re easy to wash and hold up well to regular wear.  I have worn these for a week straight worth of rides without washing, and they manage to both keep their shape, stain less and smell better than any other pair I have.  They have been comfortable in temps from 50 degrees to 98 degrees.Stickyseat Breeches Review
After talking these up at the barn to one of my students, she showed up with a pair this week and is thrilled with them.
My only real complaint about Stickyseat is that there are not more colors for me to buy!  I would LOVE some plum ones…or burgundy…or hunter green…or any number of other colors.

You can purchase Stickyseet breeches here.  If you do buy a pair, I’d love to hear what you think!

Stickyseat Review

Update Oct 2016:  I have a new pair of burgundy ones (yay more colors!).  It seems that the sticky nobs are even more pronounced and stickier now than on the black pair.  So a bit of improvement on an already great product.  I have had a bit of issues with the black ones starting to sag now, but that’s probably because I’ve been wearing the crap out of them and the fabric isn’t bouncing back as well anymore.  I have also managed to almost rip one of the knee patches off (which I need to fix) from pulling my pants up when they start to ride down.    These are still my favorite riding tight, even if their durability isn’t maybe as good as I hoped (the stitching)!