Horze Dressage Whips Review
6.9Overall Score

After years of borrowing whips and digging through bins at tack stores, I discovered the magic of Horze.  They are my new go-to for buying whips.  Their prices are good, they have tons of cute options and their whips are fairly durable (I’ve been using the same one for a year now daily or several times daily and it’s still going strong).  They come in fun colors (some models) and you can find all the bling you desire.  I recently ordered a longer purple one for groundwork and replaced my “show whip” which is black with only a tiny bit of bling with a super blingy handle (hoping it makes it more grippy as I have twice dropped my whip at shows this year during the salute…I think it’s more of a glove+particular whip grip problem as I have no problem with the whip at home with my schooling gloves) and a mirrored finish end.  They aren’t the most perfectly balanced whip, but for schooling they are a bargain!

Horze Whips