Mrs. Pastures Cookies Review
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I am pleased to bring you a review of the great Mrs. Pastures Horse Cookies.  I was fortunate to drop by their facility recently and wasgenerously supplied with several jars of cookies to share with DE readers.  Thank you Mrs. Pastures for supporting us!  I am thrilled to give away your treats, and know that DE’s readers will love the chance to win some.

Mrs. Pastures is located in Northern California and operates their own manufacturing facility.  They’ve been making all natural, high quality cookies since 1986.  They want your horse to love their cookies too and offer a satisfaction guarantee.  They want to be the best treat on the market, and in my opinion (and many horses we know) they are.

I have fed Mrs. Pastures to not just a handful of horses, but well over one hundred different animals.  I have given these treats to barrel racers, jumpers, dressage horses, reiners, cow horses, trail horses, retired horses, race horses, stud horses, western pleasure show horses and broodmares.  I’ve fed them to Quarter Horses, Welsh Ponies, Arabians, Thoroughbreds (both on and off the track), warmbloods, Gypsy Vanners, paints, Appaloosas, several draft breeds, and many others.  Not one horse has ever rejected a Mrs. Pastures cookie.

Working for an OTTB rescue for many years, we were provided cookies from Mrs. Pastures regularly and it was our treat of choice for the horses being retrained.  Visiting various trainers at Golden Gate Fields and their horses, I have fed Mrs. Pastures more than any other treat (and this is not only because I like them and bring them, but because many trainers get them as well).  I keep Mrs. Pastures at my boarding/lesson barn and have fed to many horses at our facility.

Titan loved Mrs. Pastures and would do just about anything to get one.   He’d be jealous to know how many are sitting around waiting to be given away.

Mrs. Pastures Review Mrs. Pastures Review

Champ loves Mrs. Pastures and will continue to practice bowing over and over (even if there is no human asking anymore) hoping that Mrs. Pastures will magically appear out of thin air and pop in his mouth (he’s a funny duck).

One of my favorite horses at Golden Gate Fields is City By The Bay.  CBTB loves Mrs. Pastures (and some attention) and I always drop in and give her a couple when I visit the track.

California Chrome - Pre-Race cookies - Bill Armstrong

Then there is California Chrome.  He famously loves Mrs. Pastures cookies and his team is regularly in touch with Mrs. Pastures to ensure that he gets the cookies he loves best, no matter where he is in the world.   If the cookies are good enough for Chrome, they’re good enough for your horse don’t you think?  We were provided this photo of Chrome from Stephanie at Mrs. Pastures looking at his new bag of treat.  She was invited to come and feed him his pre-race treats the day before his turf debut at Del Mar.   How exciting would that be to get to feed Chrome some Mrs. Pastures!  The photo was taken by Bill Armstrong (thank you Bill for such a great photo!).

Horses love Mrs. Pastures.  It’s quite simple.  And of course their opinion is the most important opinion when it comes to horse cookies.