A Horse Box Review

A Horse Box Follow Up Review Feb – April 2015


I have been reviewing A Horse Box for several months now.  My initial impression was less than perfect, but after some customization to my box (yes they do that to an extent) my experience has gone from “this is cool” to “Where’s my A Horse Box?  I want it now!!”

A Horse Box continues to impress me month by month (in fact, I feel it’s almost getting better every month I get it).   This batch includes their anniversary edition box.

A Horse Box Review February 2015

A Horse Box – February 2015 (~ $42 value)
Draper Therapies Body Wrap ($20)
Omega Alpha Chill Ultra Paste – Oral Syringe (~$20)
Cavalor Sweeties – Horse Treats – (15 cookies) ($1)
Mane ‘n Tail Hoofmaker Hand and Nail Therapy (1 oz. sample) (~$1)
15% off Moxie Designs Coupon
15% off Draper Therapies Coupon + Catalog

The Draper Therapies Wrap is awesome.  The Omega Alpha Chill Ultra Paste is probably my favorite product I’ve seen in A Horse Box yet (though there are some exiting things to try in this month’s box).  The Cavalor Sweeties were well received and I always like having a little bottle of Hoofmaker in our bag.  The Moxie Design coupon is awesome and I REALLY want to use it soon.  I will be using the Draper Therapies Coupon too.   It was a nice and fairly well balanced box.  Two items for the rider (though I repurposed one for horses) and two for the horse.  I liked this box a lot.

A Horse Box Review March 2015

A Horse Box – March 2015 (anniversary edition) (~$40 value)
Omega Alpha Gastra-Fx Ultra Paste – Oral Syringe (~$20 )
Cavalor Star Shine (75ml) (~$4)
Hay Where’s That Blue Stuff (4oz) (~$8 sample)
Mane Street Bakery Holistic Horse Treats (2oz) (~$2)
Bigeloil Quilted Poultice Hoof Pads (4) (~$5)
A Horse Box shopping bag
Pony Glam 10% Coupon
Galla Designs Coupon

I had a lot of expectations for an anniversary box and I wasn’t disappointed.  The Mane Street Bakery treats were a big hit.  The Bigeloil Poultice Hoof Pads are a great product and I’m holding on to them for a case of thrush, abscess or other foot emergency.  The Omega Alpha Gastra-Fx Ultra Paste – Oral Syringe is a cool product but didn’t really do much for me (though Champ doesn’t really have a nervous stomach so, take that as you will).  Hay Where’s That Blue Stuff is a cool product from a company I’d never heard of before and I am excited to try it out.   I always like trying new grooming products so the Cavalor Star Shine was a welcome addition.  I also loved the A Horse Box shopping bag.  The two coupons this month were less interesting than usual, but that’s OK (I’m sure that some little girls somewhere would love to have their mom buy them Pony Glam).  This was a great box!

A Horse Box Review April 2015

A Horse Box – April 2015 (~$40 value for normal box, ~$60 with contest winning)
Mrs. Conns Pony Pod ($5)
Hay Where’s That Fungus Amungus (4oz.) (~$5)
Jolly goodies Treats (7oz.)  (~$2)
Veterinus Derma Gel (3.4 oz.) ($28)
Omega Alpha Chill Ultra Paste – Oral Syringe (~$20) – won in contest
Derma Gel Coupon ($3 off and free shipping)
Contest Flyer for Free Cavalor Feed
Coupon for horse enrichment item from BigD’s – 20%

As mentioned above, this is one of my top two boxes since I started getting A Horse Box.  I am REALLY excited to try out the Mrs. Conns Pony Pod.  I’ve been wanting to try out their products for some time, but I always thought maybe they were a bit overpriced…I really have no idea since I don’t know how long the sponges work yet.  I’ll let you know.  The Hay Where’s That Fungus Amungus is another cool product that I cannot wait to try.  I’m hoping that next month they include the final product in their line (Winky Wash).  The Veterinus Derma Gel is an intriguing product and if it works like they say it does, it will be a staple in my barn.  The before and after photos on the brochure are amazing!  I’m excited to try it out, but hope I never have a reason to.   The Jolly Goodies treats will make a couple horses I know happy.  I also won an additional tube of Omega Alpha Chill Ultra Paste.  Not in everyone’s box, but made my box over the top awesome!  The Derma Gel coupon is awesome and I’ll be using it to purchase a few more tubes to put around the barn.  I also like the coupon from BigD’s.   This was a great box with a nice variety.

Note the “values” don’t include shipping or coupon values and include estimates on sample size values. 

As you can see, the values are a bit lower than some of the boxes in the last review, however I actually liked some of these boxes more (my top two favorite boxes were January 2015 and April 2015).

All in all, I’m thrilled with A Horse Box and though I planned on canceling my subscription after  6 months had finished, I’ve changed my mind.  I am more than happy to keep getting this box and learning about different products.

I highly recommend A Horse Box.  They have great customer service and a great box of horse goodies each month.