Elemental Grooming Elemental Brush Bombs Review

Elemental Grooming Elemental Brush Bombs Review
Ease of Use

So this is the second of this type of product that I’ve reviewed and I was excited to get a bag sent to me from Elemental Grooming.  Thank you!  I always love trying new brands!  Like the others, they’re basically a little bath bomb to clean your brushes.

The grossest of brushes! Ready to be tackled by the Elemental Brush Bombs!

First thing I should say is that…I didn’t EXACTLY follow directions.  I did what I did with the other one… I took all my brushes and threw them into a giant bucket with cold water and threw in the bomb and left it for like two hours.  Yup.  I went and rode, cleaned tack, put Jax away…finally came back and rinsed them off.  They did come away almost spotless and stink free.  They even managed to eat away the built up disgusting nonsense happening on my Hands On Gloves.  Gross.  I know…gross.  And I swear I just washed them all…like a month ago.  Bleck.

I mean…REALLY gross! Look at that cakes on gunk on those Hands On Gloves!

Anyways…no warm water as…I had no warm water…and maybe they would work faster or better with warm water…but it’s just not an option at my barn.  However I’m happy to say that these worked JUST as well as the other brand…for a cheaper price.  Yup!  That’s right!  You get multiple (4) in one bag for $20.  The other brand is $7.50 for a one time use bomb.  These are a bit smaller…but they washed the same amount of brushes just as easily.  So what does that mean?  I’ll be buying these next time thank you very much.

The lazy girl method for brush cleaning!

I’m REALLY sold on these brush bomb things for several reasons.

  1.  They’re perfect for the lazy or busy rider.  Seriously low effort.  I mean…REALLY low effort.
  2.  They actually do a great job cleaning!  With no effort/low effort.  I mean…spraying them off afterwards is a little effort…but like 5 seconds.
  3.  They are the best thing ever when it’s cold outside.  In the summer I don’t mind sitting out with water and soap and scrubbing my brushes and enjoying the sun on my skin and the cool water on my hands…but once it’s below 60 degrees?  Hard pass.  My hands are always cold anyway as I’m basically a lizard…but once it’s cold…no way my hand is going in a bucket of water to scrub gross brushes.  Brush bombs are the only way I’ll wash my brushes in the winter.  Sorry.
  4.  The price on this particular brand is much more approachable…and much more likely for me to repurchase.  I’m lazy…but I’m also cheap.  I’m not going to spend 50% more for the same results.  Sure I’d love it even more if they were $18 a bag…but I know the days of reasonable prices are gone thanks to Covid/Inflation.
Clean! So clean! Minus the stray hair…which we know is everywhere no matter what. No scrubbing required (though I did run the tail brush through the body brushes after to get a bit of the stuck hair out)! Most importantly…I didn’t get wet.

These are fabulous and I’ll be repurchasing when I’m out.  I’ll likely try some of their other products which seem very interesting too (Boot and Cinch Bombs, a fabulous sounding shampoo and tail leave in, and more!).   These are a great gift as well for the holidays for your barn friends or trainer or groom!