2023 Holiday Gift Guide

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I know some of you have been waiting patiently (and some not as patiently) for my 2023 Holiday Gift Guide.  Well here it is!  Thank you again for trusting me to search out some of the best stuff to gift your friends, your trainer, your children and maybe yourselves!  If you don’t see anything calling to you here, please check out our 2022 and 2021 guides as that stuff is still just as awesome this year as it was before.  I also have liked a LOT of things on Etsy that you can go look through to see if anything that didn’t make the list peeks your interest.  As usual, I’ve been working on this Holiday Gift Guide for months now.  It’s a long process of searching out products that I think are awesome, finding things on my own list, or sharing some of my favorite products that I don’t think can be beat.

Happy Shopping and Happy Holidays!



For the Horse

1. Dapplebay Black Magnolia Saddle Pad – CODE DE10 will give you 10% off

2. Holly Polo Wraps

3. Red Tartan Saddle Pad (all types of pads available)

4. Equestrian Stockholm Sycamore Green Collection – the holiday collection from ES

5. Masego Browband – Their browbands are unique and easy change!


For the Horse

1. Infused Equestrian Shiny

2. Grand Meadows Postbiotic – this has been a game changer for Jax’s comfort and manners

3. Gifted Rider Horse Cookies

4. Virtue Soap Company Liniment Wash

5. Root Renaissance Conditioning Spray – the best moisturizer for post clipping and under blankets

6. Caballo Cookies


Stocking Stuffers (aka Budget Gifts)

1. Sterling Essentials

2. Holiday Horse Zip Pouch

3. Noggin Helmet Spray

4. Simple Equine Lip Balm

5. Elemental Brush Bombs

6. Dreamers & Schemers Holly Jolly Socks

7. Choose Your Color Spur Straps



Stocking Stuffers (aka Budget Gifts)

1. Virtue Orange Clove Soap

2. Simple Equine Bath Bombs

3. Equestrian Wellness Cuticle Oil

4. Blue Ribbon Beauty Blush (or lipsticks)

5. Equestrian Wellness Lotion Bar

6. The Tack Hack Donut Sponges

7. Romfh Shine Belt


For the Rider (Holiday Themed)

1. Giddy Up Jingle Horse Shirt

2. Dapplebay Lady Light Riding Top – Code DE10 will give you 10% off

3. Kastel Navy Cherry shirt – Code Rachel10 will give you 10% off

4. Nikovian Quarter Zip

5. Ronner Lucky Ribbon PJs – Code Rachel will give you 20% off

6. Holiday Horses Shirt


For the Rider

1. Marengo Subscription Box – past boxes have included Novella Equestrian, Dapplebay and the upcoming box features Espoir!

2. Vaquera Sunshirt – various prints in this style on the site…good value and quality shirt.

3. Espoir Quarter Zip Shirts

4. Denim Pony Jacket

5. Ronner Botany Print Vest – Code Rachel will give you 20% off

6. Kastel Mocha Floral Quarter Zip – Code Rachel10 will give you 10% off




1. Horse Bum Pendant – hilarious

2. Bit and Pearl Necklace – pearls are having a moment…classic and trendy

 3. Lucky Medallion Horseshoe Necklace

4.  Horse Charm (also in gold and white gold)

5. Copper Plated Pewter Pendant

6. Snaffle Wrap Bracelet

7. Decidedly Equestrian Watercolor Horse Scarf



For the Home

1. Five Spanish Mares Photo Print

2. Southwestern Leather Coasters

 3. Horse Mosaic – the big purchase!

4. Southwest Wool Lumbar Pillow Cover

5. Ronner Holiday Horses Table Cloth (also matching table runner or placemats) – – Code Rachel will give you 20% off

6. Heart Horse Candle

7.  Wrapped Lucky Horseshoe


For the Home

1. Leather Pillow Cover (other colors available from shop)

2. Two Horses Serving Platter

 3. Stained Glass Fox

4. Decidedly Equestrian Winner Winner Mug

5. Leather Catch All Tray

6. Incredible Vintage Horse Wall Decor – there’s only one…so snap it up if you want it.


Toys and Books

1. Breyer Stablemates Deluxe Animal Hospital

2. The Training Spiral by Sue Grice

 3. Neuroathletics for Riders by Marc Nolke

4. Appaloosa Summer by Tudor Robins

5. Schleich Horse Club Friendship Horse Tournament

6. Horse Academy Game

7. The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses by Paul Goble

8. Horse Brain, Human Brain by Janet Jones PhD

9. LEGO Friends Horse Training or LEGO Friends Horse Show Trailer

10. Breyer Pony Tales – Paloma and Rayna

11. Horse Puzzle

12. Mini LeMieux Pony Collection Unicorn


For the Home (Holiday Decor)

1. Christmas Horse Mug

2. Horseshoe Wreath

 3. Personalized Horse Stocking

4. Dressage Holiday Wreath

5. Leather Christmas Stocking

6. Christmas Horse Pillow


Holiday Cards and Wrapping

1.Jingle All The Way Horse Cards

2. Happy Holidays Cards

 3. Laughing Horse Wrapping Paper

4. Dala Horse Ribbon

5. Green Plaid Wrapping Paper

6.Ronner Gift Box – Code Rachel will give you 20% off

7. Santa Bay-by Cards  – Code DE10 will give you 10% off

8.Horse and Pup Cards

9. Decidedly Equestrian Snow Day Cards


Holiday Ornaments

1.Ceramic Horse Head Ornament

2. Show Ribbon Christmas Ornament

 3. Customized Horse & Rider Ornament

4. Etched Ceramic Ornament

5. Decidedly Equestrian Snow Day Ornament – available in 4 complimentary designs

6.Glass Horse Ornament

I hope that this helps with your holiday shopping list this year!  Thank you again for all your support and trust in Holiday Shopping these many years!

Happy Holidays!

– Rachel