Coat Defense Daily Preventative Powder Review

Coat Defense Daily Preventative Powder Review
Performance of Product

I think I’m going to be on a grooming kick for reviews for the next few…why?  Because the season of concern is on it’s way.  That time of year before clipping when hair is long and the weather is all over the freaking place.  Jax is already growing quite a coat…and we just came out of a week of well over 100 degrees every day (some above 110).  As you might guess that means a VERY sweaty horse.  While it’s hot it’s not a huge deal…a hose down to wash off the sweat and all is good…however challenges are coming.  I don’t want to clip yet…as I’ll end up clipping probably three or four times if I start this early.  I always try to wait until the end of October…

Sweaty under saddle post ride…this is a mild sweat day for Jax.

Cooler days and long hair lead to a sweaty horse with no good way to fix that problem without long waits under a cooler.  I clip Jax…he’s too hairy to be in full work otherwise… but I always leave a saddle/pad area unclipped because he’s extremely sensitive and needs that extra protection.  This is where the Coat Defense Daily Preventative Powder comes in for me in daily use in the fall and winter.  While the rest of him is dry and short, that area under the saddle still gets very sweaty and takes ages to dry when it’s all fluffed out.  I used this stuff all winter last year with great success.  I also use it on days where Jax is not quite sweaty enough to bathe or it’s a little cooler in the mornings.

Application of Coat Defense Powder

It’s basically a dry shampoo for horses with some extra benefits.  It’s super easy to use…just shake some on, let it sit a few minutes and brush it off.  I love it because it soaks up extra oils quickly and dries the coat.  If brushed out well it also doesn’t add gross build up (but it can if you don’t brush well).  It has ingredients in it that help fight rain rot, sooth hives and sweet itch, prevents fungus and microbe growth on the skin and even helps prevent chafing.  I’ve never used it to treat any specific issue…but while using I’ve had no skin issues with Jax to contend with…so as a preventative it is doing its job!  You can even apply it directly to your helmet, boots, etc to soak up sweat and kill bacteria and nasty smells (I’ve never done that…but you know…you can if you want).

Brushed off about 5 minutes later and you can barely tell he was ridden today.

I do wish the holes in the application bottle were finer as it is easy to pour out too much and waste product (and it isn’t cheap) so that’s a minor complaint.  I’d prefer if it were in a baby powder type bottle.   And again, it isn’t cheap…so either buy the bulk if you will use it a ton, or learn to be sparing with the pour (It’s $27 a lb in non bulk…and that goes down to $19 a lb if you buy the 4lb refill bag).  Don’t go for the 8 oz version.  It won’t last long and it’s quite expensive (almost $40 a lb if you buy the 8 oz or 3.5 oz sizes).  So just don’t do it.

I’ve thought about creating my own version since I’m clever with making things…but honestly after pricing it out it isn’t that much of savings because of the bulk shipping weights to get good prices on things!  So…buying the OG is the way I’ll go on this one!

Despite the price being a little high (especially high if you buy the small ones), I really like this product and will continue to buy it until I find something better!