Purvida Polish Hoof Oil Review

Ease of Use
Scent / Packaging

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Recently I’ve been on a hoof product kick…because it’s winter! Corro sent me a box of different hoof products to try out this winter and the next one on the review docket is the Purvida Polish Hoof Oil with Brush Applicator.

Probably not the intended method of using this brush sleeve…but it’s working for me!

The first thing I have to say about this product is I really enjoy the applicator.  I’m not sure I’m using it as intended (but whatever…it’s working for me).  I squirt a little bit into the plastic sleeve for the brush and then dip the brush in.  If I need a little more, I dip in and get a little more.  What I like about this is…1.  I don’t have to keep going back to the original packaging.  2.  If I pour too much in, I can just put the brush down on top and use it the next day.  3.  I don’t get any gross contamination of the product in the bottle from re-dipping the brush back in (which happens with basically every other product).  The application method is easy and clean.  I don’t have a huge stick mess on the bottle, the brush or my hands.  This is 100% my favorite hoof dressing application method I’ve used (minus a spray of course).   It is a little trickier to get the product out of the bottle once you’ve used a good chunk of it, so a squeezy tube might have worked better, but it’s not bad.

Secondly, it smells great (if you like tea tree).  I enjoy that fresh scent and of course tea tree does all sorts of good things (antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal).  Good stuff.   The product is plant based with avocado oil and beeswax as well to add a moisturizing and protective barrier for the foot.

This product is supposed to be for whole foot, including frog and sole, but with the heavy mud and fighting potential thrush after being gone for the holidays, I have only used this on the hoof wall and coronary band.  I see myself using this product a lot more during the dry season over the wet season, simply because I needs something with a little more umph fighting the mud. The product goes on easily and doesn’t wear off over a couple of days, which is awesome.  I will apply it and then come back the next day or a couple of days of not riding and the oil is still clearly on the foot wall doing its thing.

Value, it’s a little expensive for the amount of product in the bottle, a little does go a long way.   There’s another natural plant based hoof product I tried that is a little more reasonable in price, but not as easy to apply as this one…so if it’s worth the extra to keep the mess down you will like this one.  This application method is really nice…

I quite like the Purvida Polish Hoof Oil with Brush Applicator and will consider it when purchasing my next hoof moisture product in the summer.  It’s not a holy grail product…but it’s a good one.