The Infused Equestrian Hello Monday Roller Blend Review
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Ease of Use10

Sad though I might be about it, I’m getting down to my last couple of products from The Infused Equestrian to review.  You know what’s great though? I have gotten to experience some really great products, and there are a couple I will most certainly buy when they run out.  The Infused Equestrian Hello Monday Roller Blend is one of those.

So this is another one of their aromatherapy roller-balls ready to come in and save your day.  What does this one do?  Well how do you feel on Mondays?  Daunted?  Tired?  Unmotivated?  Wishing it was still Sunday?  As I write this it’s a Monday…and I’m tired.  I was all gung-ho this morning for my clinic with a visiting trainer/judge, but as soon as I got home I’m like, “I just want to sit here and watch the TV…or take a nap…or sip on my tea.”  We all know what that feels like.

However, I have a blog to write (several in fact) and much work to do!  Oh no!  So I go grab my Hello Monday, roll some on, have a sniff and set to it.  Within a handful of minutes I feel more motivated and more alert.  While I was at it, I rolled some on my husband too since his work day isn’t over yet either.  There goes those essential oils doing their magic again.  Man I love this one.

I unfortunately find more need for Hello Monday than I’d like these days (hello Covid burnout anyone?), but I’m thankful I have it in my arsenal to whip out when I need that extra boost of motivation and alertness.

It’s a perfect time for this product to come into your life, with the new year upon us and the need for ongoing motivation with our lives still totally bizarre and abnormal.  If you’re goal setting, why not put one of these roller balls next to your goal journal?  Need help with your zoom call? Put a bottle next to your computer and roll it on before the next one.  Next to your bed to put on when you wake up?  Or maybe roll it on right before a workout to give you more umph.

The Hello Monday has a particularly nice scent.  There’s the fresh zing of peppermint, but a ton of complex layers in here with some warmth and some sweetness.  My husband loves the way this one smells too.  I don’t feel medicinal when I’m wearing it which is a huge plus.

I highly recommend this and the other roller balls from The Infused Equestrian.  Now if only she made one that could give me more time in the day…or kept me from looking down at my horses neck…

The Infused Equestrian Review