Giant Steps Charity Horse Show 2017

10 Horse Show Day Must Haves!

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Updated for 2021 with new stuff (and some oldies but goodies).  There SO many things to haul with you to shows and so many are very important but entirely dependent on your discipline (like your saddle for instance!).  There are a few things that you’ll never see me without that I consider 100% must haves for making my show experience go smoother.  I have reviewed all of these products previously and thought I’d share my show day secrets with you!


EquiFUSE CFS Rehydrinse Review

CFS Shampoo and Rehydrinse from EquiFuse – To get the horse sparkling clean and shiny, nothing really beats the shampoo from EquiFuse and to keep that shine lasting for a couple of days, nothing really does the trick better than their Rehydrinse product.  I’ve been using this stuff for YEARS and it’s still my favorite!  As you can see…the photos are Champ…and I haven’t shown Champ since… 2015?  Still a go-to.






Sterling Essentials Leather Cleaner ReviewSterling Essentials Leather Cleaner – Nothing gets tack cleaner than this stuff.  And it smells wonderful.  And it doesn’t destroy my hands.  This is my go to cleaner for shows (and all the time) to get my tack spotless!






The Simple Equine's Solacing Warm Weather Comfort Spray ReviewThe Simple Equine Fly Spray and RepelX – I like to double up on my fly protection…especially for shows.  The first from The Simple Equine is an all natural essential oil based spray that really works.  The second is a classic…and in my opinion is they only poison based fly spray on the market that actually works.  These have been my go-to for years and I’ve yet to find a combo I like better (or anything I like individually better).




Cheata Cool Cat Undertight Review Side by Side 2Cheata Tights – I’ve had both versions of these in my arsenal for years now.  They hold everything in place and limit any jiggling (which so many of us need) while being super comfortable at the same time.  They have lasted (still on the first pairs I bought) and I rarely show without them (minus the 110 degree day last year).





Spot On Braiding Wax ReviewSpot On Braid Wax – this stuff is legit.  And easy.  And smells wonderful.  Seriously, best braiding product I have ever tried x1000.  So good.  An easy, inexpensive way to make your show prep go faster. 









The Infused Equestrian @ The In Gate Roller Blend Review@ The In Gate from The Infused Equestrian  – this stuff has been in my bag the last two shows…and Jax and I managed some pretty amazing stuff in those shows.  The last one we jumped from 1st Level Test 3 to 2nd Level Test 3 and not only hit 60%.  We got a 67.5%!!!  That also happened to be the high point award for the show!  This stuff works to keep you focused like nothing else.  I don’t really want to give away my secret to competitors, but then again…yes I do.  Go get it for yourself and see your scores bump as your concentration increases.



Mrs. Pastures ReviewMrs. Pastures’s Cookies – For Jax…or anyone else.  I always pack treats for a reward after a good ride.  Mrs. Pastures across the board is the perfect choice.  I’ve never had a horse turn away these cookies and almost all of them seriously love these!  I’m not sure what kind of magic they put in these, but I’ll keep buying them as long as they keep making them.  They also don’t get demolished in your pocket and don’t get anything sticky on your show clothes.




CamelBak Chute Mag Water Bottle ReviewGiant Water bottle from Camelbak – This 32 oz one is my favorite for a number of reasons.  1.  Sturdy.  2.  Lid keeps drinking part free from dirt and horse hair.  3.  It keeps water cold for long periods.  4.  It’s huge.   If I don’t carry this around, I don’t get enough water for the day.  I use this at the barn and for shows.   It’s extra important at shows as I always forget to eat or drink…




Stable to City Wipes from Equestrian Wellness – these are absolutely necessary when you’re running around grooming and braiding.  A quick dip in some water and you have a little towel to refresh your hands (aka get all the nasty gunk off) and face so you don’t ruin your show shirt and breeches with all that dirt.  I’m a messy groomer (AKA everything that was on the horse ends up on me or I didn’t groom hard enough), so I need all the help I can get.




Kind Whole Fruit Bars, GoGo Squeez Blastz fruit pouches, Nuun electrolytes, Luna Bars – Sadly, my allergies keep me from eating super useful snacks (like nuts), so I rely on fruit at shows to keep me going.  This last show I literally had a Kind Whole Fruit, a GoGo Squeez and a bottle of green juice for lunch.  I ALMOST forgot to eat them…but they are so easy to smash it doesn’t take any time out of my hurried show schedule.  The electrolytes are the most important thing though when the temps turn warmer.  I always load up my water bottle with them.  The best way to have a good show is to keep your body properly fueled!


What are your show must haves?