The Simple Equine Bye Bye Bruise Salve Review
10Overall Score

As with many of the products from The Simple Equine, before I had them…I didn’t really know I needed them!  I’ve had arnica stuff before, but nothing like this.  And I rarely ever used it since it was always in ugly, medicinal tubes I’d hide away in a cabinet…

But now…oh yeah… the Bye Bye Bruise Salve from The Simple Equine has come into my life and I’m not looking back.  This jar  (unlike what I had before) sits right out in the open for all to see in my bathroom (because of course…their packaging is lovely).

I’ve always got bruises…ALWAYS.  And if I don’t have one (or 12)  Derby has some.  I started off using this stuff right away and a lot of the time, it just went on Derby…because well…I take care of her better than I take care of myself.  However last week Jax nipped my arm!  I rubbed the Bye Bye Bruise Salve in the area as soon as I got home because I knew it would bruise and wouldn’t feel great or look pretty.  The Bye Bye Bruise Salve has a nice thick texture (similar to the Barn Hands Be-Gone), so it’s perfect for coating on your bruise (and not rubbing off easy), but it melts well enough that it doesn’t hurt to rub on a bruise either.

The Simple Equine Bye Bye Bruise Salve Review

So sure enough, big old bruise.  I got bit Wednesday and the bruise started showing a couple hours later.  Thanks to quick use and regular use of this product, the bruise never got bad.  It was also only just barely sore to touch.  No big deal.  It’s Monday (so 5 days later) and the bruise is completely gone (it may have been gone yesterday…I didn’t notice).   Typically for me…a bruise from a bite would last two weeks at the shortest (and it would hurt).  This product did an excellent job calming down my bruising, keeping it from getting too ugly, and keeping it from being sore.

Very impressed with this one!  Also, it’s a huge jar so the value is excellent and this will last you a long time too!  It is for horses and people, so feel free to use it on your dear pony if they get kicked or something!  I bet they’d appreciate the speedy healing!