The Simple Equine Barn Hands Be Gone Review
9.4Overall Score
Quality Ingredients10
Lasting Moisture9.5
Feel of Salve8

Another one of our series of product reviews from The Simple Equine comes at a perfect time for angry winter barn hands – Barn Hands Be Gone!  It is the fifth product of this line to be reviewed.  I bought this salve after trying her Ridden Ragged cream because I knew I was going to need something more once the temps dropped outside.  This product was specifically created to help repair element exposed skin and dry angry cuticles and brittle nails.  Like all of her products, this one is all natural!

Winter is here and for me that means the same long hours at the barn as the summer.  The same riding, the same tack cleaning, the same filling water buckets, the same sweeping, the same work…but in the cold.  My hands are a mess in the winter with hang nails and dry cuticles, dry patches and micro cuts from skin splitting for being too dry…ick!

The Simple Equine Barn Hands Be Gone Review

So far this winter I’ve been prepared (and currently hang nail and cut free) thanks to Barn Hands Be Gone.  This is a very thick salve that is solid in the jar and melts in your hands.  It’s quite oil and butter heavy, so it packs a real punch.  Because of that a little goes a long way and I always apply this at night before I go to bed so it has time to work it’s magic paying special attention to massaging it into my nail beds.

When I said it’s oil and butter heavy…I’m not joking. This 4 oz jar contains sesame, canola, avocado, grapeseed, coconut, jojoba, soybean and calendula herbal oils.  It also contains cocoa and shea butters and a dose of vitamin E and blood orange essential oil.   She didn’t leave much out of this power packed salve did she?!

Did I mention it basically smells like those chocolate oranges you get for the holidays?  No?  Well that’s what I think it smells like…yum!

If you’re hands aren’t looking so delicate these days and you’re looking for a natural solution that works wonders, you couln’t go wrong with this one from The Simple Equine!