The Infused Equestrian pure. A Bit Wipe Towelette Review

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So…any other kinda lazy riders out there?  Are you one of those that clean your tack every ride?  Or maybe once a week?  Once a month?  Once a year?  I kinda fall in the in between once a week and once a month range now (I used to be more a couple times a week).   I know…I’m bad!  My poor tack!  It depends on how dirty things are and what time of year it is…but it also depends on my free time now.  Free time is hard to come by these days while having to pay for childcare for my barn time.  Staying that extra half hour to clean tack is going to cost me $10 or so.  Solution?  Lazy girl cleaning solutions!

The Infused Equestrian pure. A Bit Wipe Towelette Review

This one is from The Infused Equestrian.  Like their other products, pure. A Bit Wipe Towelette is made of healthy, natural ingredients so you know your horse isn’t ingesting garbage.  Yay!  With two flavors, peppermint and cinnamon, you have options. I tried the peppermint flavor. Because they are made with pure, grade-A peppermint essential oil, my horse loves to accept the cleaned bit. These 4″x4″ wipes are ideal for high absorbency applications making it easy to clean off the gunk on your bit in a quick swipe.  Seriously…no major scrubbing here…even on the gross caked on stuff from not cleaning your bit the last two rides.

Bonus: no getting your hands cold and wet (killer for winter) cleaning your bits.  Whooo!The Infused Equestrian pure. A Bit Wipe Towelette Review

These are a really nice item to have in your tack trunk for those days you don’t feel like getting your hands wet but want a deep clean.  Perfect for the lazy girl…and it’s certainly cheaper than that $10 + extra to the babysitter!  You can get a slight discount if you buy them in multi packs.

Might be a nice gift for your trainer or barn buddy for the holidays?  Or maybe just for you!  I know I quite like mine!

The Infused Equestrian Review