2020 Holiday Gift Guide from Decidedly Equestrian

2020 Holiday Gift Guide from Decidedly Equestrian

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2020 has been a wild ride and 2021 is thankfully on the horizon!  But you know what that means?  That means panic buying all of your holiday gifts this year (most likely online) and hoping they all make it in time for the holidays!  Who knows where we will be in another month and if many of us will be able to visit our families this year, but we can put some thought into our gifts this year and hope for the best.  Here are some of my personal favorite gift ideas for the horse lovers (and horses…and dogs) in your life!  Some even have Black Friday deals (check for bold type)!

Happy holidays and happy shopping!


Gifts for the Rider

2020 Holiday Gift Guide from Decidedly Equestrian

Horse Ornaments (lots of breeds and disciplines to choose from).  What screams the holidays like an ornament!  Get your trainer, child or barn friend an ornament this year that represents their favorite breed or discipline!


Simple Equine Company Spotlight

Simple Equine – Gorgeous jewelry designs and wonderful natural products for humans and horses!  One of my favorite brands ever!  Has great stocking stuffers!


2020 Holiday Gift Guide from Decidedly Equestrian

Candles – gorgeous horse themed candles!  Buy as a pair for one person…or split them up into two gifts!


Ronner Designs – some of the prettiest equestrian prints you’ll ever see…and the clothing designs are great too!  I’m wanting some riding shirts from them SO BAD!  Not a cheap gift, but will be well loved!  Check out their sale section for BIG discounts for Black Friday (will show up automatically in cart).


2020 Holiday Gift Guide from Decidedly Equestrian

Jumping Horse Tumbler (also comes in other horse designs).  Great gift for your good barn friends or trainer!


2020 Holiday Gift Guide from Decidedly Equestrian

Horse Wire Art – looking for something for an art lover?  This beautiful piece is one of a kind (so buy now) and it won’t break the bank!


Get that Lust-Worthy Custom Boot Look with Boot Crowns - Review

Bootcrowns – custom boots for a fraction of the price.  I love this clever design to give tall boots a little more sparkle.  If a loved one is looking for custom boots and your budget isn’t there, this is a wonderful option.


2020 Holiday Gift Guide from Decidedly Equestrian

Vintage Floral Brushes – I love these beautiful brushes.  I know of more than a few little girls that would love to have these in their tack trunk!


Spirit Horse Designs Review

Spirithorse Designs – gorgeous horsehair jewelry designs.  Seriously, these are just SOOO pretty and well done.   Great gifts for those who have recently (or not so recently) lost loved ones…or those that just want to wear their love around on their arm. <3


Draft Plates

Draft Horse Plates – looking for someone that loves switching up their interior design choices all the time?  What simpler way than a few new (very cool) plates!  I’m lusting after these myself!


Artist Spotlight: Mary AnnToinette Leather Studio

Mary AnnToinette Leather Studio  – an investment!  Seriously, you aren’t getting this before Christmas, but you can always call and maybe get a gift card sent!  Mary does INCREDIBLE custom leather work on…pretty much whatever you want.  Need a new cantle plate?  Sure.  Boot update?  Yup.  Spur straps?  Yes.  Belts?   Yes.  So many options!


2020 Holiday Gift Guide from Decidedly Equestrian

Horse Rudolph Mug – want something a little more explicitly Christmas?  Well here you go!  Nothing beats a horse dressed like Rudolph…and everyone loves a new coffee mug!


Stocking Stuffers


Spot On Braiding Wax Review

Spot on Braiding Wax – your trainer, your groom, or your barn buds will thank you.  This stuff is excellent!  Great braiding product that makes it so so easy.  15% off your whole order will be taken off at checkout for Black Friday!


Company Spotlight: The Infused Equestrian

The Infused Equestrian – there are several items from this company that make great stocking stuffers, however I particularly recommend their roller balls.  The @ the In Gate rollerball is absolutely amazing and any horsey friends with any show (or hell…lesson) anxiety will appreciate this one.  There’s a coupon code for Black Friday right now as well giving 30% off!  Use code: MY INFUSED DAY.

Equestrian Wellness Essential Helmet Spray Review

Equestrian Wellness – the Stable to City Wipes and Essential Helmet Spray are excellent stocking stuffers for any barn friend (or trainer…or groom)!  These are two of my favorites.   There’s even an option to order these as a pair!  The Rider Aide is great too!



Horses Adored and Men Endured by Susan Friedland-Smith

Horses Adored and Men Endured by Susan Friedland – every horsewoman you know will enjoy this.  Seriously funny and sentimental all at the same time.  Great book!  Get for your barn BBF!


Her Summer at Pemberley Sallianne Hines Review

Her Summer at Pemberley by Sallianne Hines – know some one that loves Jane Austen and horses?  Here you go.  This fun and easy read is a great one to take you out of your current reality and into gorgeous dresses, stately homes and rides through the English countryside with gorgeous men! Who doesn’t love that?


Favorite Books for Every Equestrian

Jane Savoie That Winning Feeling by Jane Savoie – or anything by Jane Savoie.  I don’t care what your discipline is, you can learn something here.  Excellent and easy to read book to help you get the most out of your equestrian (or non-equestrian) life.  Great gift for any horse person!


Favorite Books for Every Equestrian

Brain Training for Riders by Andrea Monsarrat Waldo – like the one above, a must read for all riders!  Seriously…if you haven’t read it…read it.  It will help you be a better rider and help you understand what other riders around you are going through that have different hangups than you.  Must read for any horse rider.


2020 Holiday Gift Guide from Decidedly Equestrian

Dressage Unscrambled by Bill Woods – okay…if your recipient isn’t into dressage…this probably isn’t going to be a great book.  But for dressage nerds and horse trainers out there…this is going to bring a LOT of laughs (and great insight).  Great book.


Gifts for Horses


2020 Holiday Gift Guide from Decidedly Equestrian

Twenty Four Carrots – Jax is a huge fan of these healthy treats (and we expect your horse will be too)!  Also…there’s a Black Friday sale!  Get a free full size bag of treats with every order from Friday, November 27 through Sunday, November 29!


StretchTec Shoulder Relief Girth Review

Total Saddle Fit – one of our all time favorite brands!  Both Kristin and I love Total Saddle Fit (and our horses do to)!  English or Western…there’s a solution/gift for your horse!  Also…on Friday is the one and only day their products are on sale!  Use code BLACK for 20% off all products for the 24-hours of Black Friday.

2020 Holiday Gift Guide from Decidedly Equestrian

Clever with Leather – incredible custom halters (and lead ropes) for your horse.  They also carry beautiful belts, purses and other things for humans!  Great company!


2020 Holiday Gift Guide from Decidedly Equestrian

Anatomic Halter  – looking for a beautiful, blingy halter that isn’t such a budget buster?  This one is gorgeous!  They have black and brown

Gifts for Dogs


2020 Holiday Gift Guide from Decidedly Equestrian

Dog Butt Lead Holder – this is the cutest right?  Customize your pup’s name and butt!



2020 Holiday Gift Guide from Decidedly Equestrian

Custom Leather Leash – looking for a traditional looking leash that maybe matches your horse’s custom halter from Clever With Leather above?  Have a look at these!  Lots of fun colors to choose from!


Hurtta Downpour Suit Review

Hurtta – Kristin and her pack have done a ton of reviews from this brand with excellent scores each time.  You wouldn’t be amiss purchasing some protective dog clothing from this brand!


2020 Holiday Gift Guide from Decidedly Equestrian

Handmade Gourmet Dog Training Treats – these look so yummy I could eat them!  Or maybe just feed them to the pups at the barn!


Ruffwear Slackline Hands Free Leash Review

Ruffwear –  another great brand with excellent reviews from our pup squad!  Check out their well received harnesses and leashes!


2020 Holiday Gift Guide from Decidedly Equestrian

Poo Bag Holder – what’s not to like about a luxurious looking poop bag holder?!  Makes the dirty job a little more glam! Lol!


2020 Holiday Gift Guide from Decidedly Equestrian

Custom Engraved Collar  –  Want something engraved and easy to wash, these come in gorgeous fabrics, remove the need for dangle tags and won’t break the bank.