Pet Lab Co. Shedding Formula and Itch Relief Review

Pet Lab Co. Shedding Formula and Itch Relief Review

Value (based on size of dog and cost to feed)

Every Canine owner has had the occasional annoyance of hearing the beating of the floor or jingle of a collar caused by an “itch” your friend just CANNOT scratch..

For some Canine family members, it is a REAL problem and you may find yourself searching for something that will give real results.

As always, a trip to see your veterinarian is ALWAYS the first necessity to ensure your companion is healthy. To keep them healthy and aid in the recovery process of itchy skin, Pet Lab Co. has products that taste great ( I wouldn’t know, but Gio REALLY loved both of the products we tested), smell “normal” (some products are just down right stinky..), and are available in an auto ship program that provides easy ordering and an auto ship discount as well!

I was very impressed at the MANY options that are offered on the Pet Lab Co. website. Auto ship options, bundles of the same OR different products, and their 90 day guarantee make the order and selection process for their products VERY easy.

Gio has been diagnosed with seasonal allergies, and a “skin and coat” supplement was suggested by our veterinarian team. We reviewed the Pet Lab Co. Shedding Formula (8oz bottle of liquid) supplement, and the Pet Co. Itch Relief Chew (soft chewable 30 count container).

The Shedding Formula was by far his favorite, we mixed it in with his usual kibble!

It is in a shampoo style bottle, and the only issue we had was the cap leaked slightly and it was a little difficult to distribute the oil into our measuring spoon for accurate dosing. I honestly just unscrewed the cap and poured the liquid right into the spoon to make it easier! We have used other oils in the past with a non leak flip top style container and it was MUCH better for the oil supplement distribution (see photo.)

Pet Lab Co. Shedding Formula and Itch Relief Review

The flavoring for the oil is chicken, but it had a pleasant smell compared to fish or other omega oils we have tried in the past! Gio LOVED the taste, we also offered it to two of our pickier Canine Review Team Members and they also did NOT hesitate to eat the oil on a small amount of kibble!

The only downside to this product was the economical cost to feed a 78 pound dog this supplement on a daily basis.

The 8oz bottle is approximately $42 to $31.75 per bottle depending on the options you choose at checkout (auto ship, pack of multiple bottles, etc.)

The recommended dose for Gio was 4 tbsp per day, which converts to 2 ounces per day.

The bottle is 8 ounces, so one bottle would only last him 4 days. If we were giving this supplement to a smaller dog, it is DEFINITELY worth the price for the quality of product you receive.

Pet Lab Co. Shedding Formula and Itch Relief Review

We honestly did not get to test this product for the usual 4-6 weeks that it takes to see TRUE results. I was impressed with how much our dogs LOVED the taste and could not wait to see that bottle come out of the cabinet at night!

The Itch Relief Chew was also a “favorite” with ALL of our review team members, they were VERY soft and fresh even at the bottom of the container! Axel appreciated this, as he can be sensitive to hard or “tacky” treats.

Again the flavor was spot on. The chews are pork flavored, and again not “stinky” like some treats and supplements can be.

The chews were again not so economical for a 78 pound dog (10 days to a container) but Dixie who is 38 pounds would have a 15 day supply with her dosage.

Again the price depends on quantity, auto ship, etc. the 30 count container is around $30-40 depending on your selection at checkout.

The BEST thing about Pet Lab Co. is their selection of products, and the company is completely honest about the ingredients and how they can help our companions. All of their products are also made in the USA!