The Simple Equine Gleaming Show Day Shine Spray Review
9.6Overall Score
Quality Ingredients10
Convenience/Ease of Use10

Once again, here I am reviewing another product from The Simple Equine!  Why do I review so many of them?  Well because I love her products!  Haven’t been disappointed in one yet! This time I’m reviewing the Gleaming Show Day Shine Spray.

I have been wanting to try this one for some time, but it was out of stock for a while so when I finally saw it back up in the shop, I jumped on it!  I love shine sprays…and the idea of a natural one from Tara was even better.

It includes broccoli seed oil and is all natural and good for your horse (and you).  Broccoli seed oil is great for both skin and hair too.  It is full of vitamins that help strengthen hair, make it smooth, silky and strong.  It also is super moisturizing for the skin and is good for inflamed skin.  Good stuff to put in a shine spray right?

The Simple Equine Gleaming Show Day Shine Spray Review

Look at that glisten on his shoulders and hip…so satisfying! And this is on a horse that hasn’t had a bath in months…

What I really liked about this product is that you really don’t need a lot to do the trick.  The spray bottle is a wonderful one for not dispensing (and wasting) too much product.  I have used this spraying directly on the horse, but also spraying on a natural hair brush and then brushing it on to the coat and I have found it works great both ways.  Because of the spray method and the need for using less product at a time, I have to give this product a fairly high value, even if it’s price per ounce is high compared with some other shine sprays.  Not to mention it’s a much better product for the skin/hair in the long term.

The Simple Equine Gleaming Show Day Shine Spray Review

I mean…he looks shiny in the shade…that’s pretty impressive.

I was highly impressed at how shiny this made Mr. Moose AKA Jax.  It’s really hard to get him shiny right now because of his clipped coat (is that normal for a clipped chestnut to not be as shiny as a clipped bay?  Getting used to “chestnut problems” again).  I’m also learning to care for his sensitive skin too and certain kinds of products can make him itchy and uncomfortable.  What I love about this is that it is nourishing and moisturizing and really helps his skin and coat improve while also adding shine.  It’s not just adding shine for the sake of it.

I highly recommend the Gleaming Show Day Shine Spray for all your healthy shine and skin needs!  Another hit product for me from The Simple Equine!